who was supposed to play Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska in “The Magnificent Age”?

The partner of Halit Ergench could well be the current wife of Burak Ozchivit.

Meriem Uzerli (Photo: frame from the series “The Magnificent Century”)

The love and recognition of the audience came to 36-year-old Meri Uzerli thanks to her role in the Turkish TV series “The Magnificent Century”. The girl played the concubine of Sultan Suleiman – the Russian slave Roksolana (Alexander. – Note ed.), received in the harem a new name – Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska. Over the course of several seasons, fans of the film watched with enthusiasm how the history of the Ottoman padishah’s conquests unfolded, palace intrigues were resolved, and new dynasty heirs appeared.

However, as it turned out, the role of Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska could not have been assigned to Meryer Uzerli at all, but to another no less popular Turkish actress, whom many remember from the series “The Kinglet is a songbird.” It was Fahriye Evgen who was supposed to become a partner of Halit Ergench. The girl has almost signed a contract to participate in the tape. But at the very last minute, the producers reconsidered their decision and replaced Fahriye with Meryem.

Reporters do not exclude that the reason for this was the convincing Uzerli game on trials, writes Sacitaslan. As a result, the actress with Turkish-German roots was so fond of the audience that they did not want to see anyone else in this role. However, Meriam still left the project, citing professional burnout. So, in the series “age” Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska was played by another actress – Wahide Gerdyum.

Merier Uzerli and Halit Ergench very believably played love. Photo: frame from the series “The Magnificent Century”

It is worth noting that Fahriye Evgen did not at all embarrass such a turn of events. The girl played in the film “Korolek – songbird”, where she met her future husband Burak Ozchivit. He, by the way, also starred in “The Magnificent Century”, appeared before the fans in the image of Malkochoglu Bali Bey.

In a recent interview, Evgen admitted that in the future she is unlikely to agree to star in historical films. So, sweetheart Ozchivita noticed that in her career there were several similar projects. Fakhriye fears that fans will perceive her exclusively in one role.


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