why deprive the French of effective treatment?

If it is shown that drugs class gliflozin (which is taken orally) reduce heart complications of diabetes, the French still do not have access.

Through Patrick Henry and Michel Krempf

Gliflozins are taken orally.
Gliflozins are taken orally. 164431550 / GolubaPhoto – stock.adobe.com

Patrick Henry is a cardiologist at Lariboisière Hospital (Paris)

Michel Krempf is a diabetologist endocrinologist in Nantes.

Diabetes is a disease that affects almost 6% of French people and is complicated by severe heart attacks. While until 2010 the goal of antidiabetic treatments was to reduce the blood sugar level, it was shown that two classes of drugs, one injectable (GLP1 agonist class, available in France for a long time), the other oral drugs (class of gliflozins) could also decrease the cardiac complications of diabetes.

The gliflozin class is unique in its rapid and potent action on heart failure and mortality. The first study published in 2015 reported a rapid and significant decrease in heart failure in diabetics receiving gliflozin, associated with a mortality reduction of more than 30%. Equally significant results were published in 2017 and 2018 with two

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