Why do we gain extra kilos after exercise?

Some start working out with enthusiasm to lose weight, really work hard to train and stick to all the common tips, and then the numbers on the scale surprise them with the unexpected result of increasing their weight compared to their pre-workout phase.

On why exercise increases weight and whether there is a biological explanation, an expert in physical activity told Live Science the answer is multifaceted. Any weight gain after exercise is likely to be a combination of several factors, but crucially, this does not mean that a person should give up exercise. Some people don’t realize that exercise is a good thing even if it leads to weight gain, said Corinne Cayode, professor of physical activity and digital health at the University of Sydney in Australia.

Quantity and quality of meals

“While exercise plays a role in weight control, the other side of the coin is eating,” Cayode added, noting that if a person notices that his weight is increasing, it is useful to review the quantity and quality of food he eats, and then he will be able to come up with an explanation for the secret of his weight gain. Extra after exercise.

muscle rupture

But assuming a person’s diet hasn’t changed, there are still some other biological quirks that could explain weight gain. If he’s not used to exercising well and then moves on, he may end up overworking his muscles. In other words, muscle fibers suffer micro tears, but it’s not a cause for concern because when this happens, the body sends nourishment to the muscles to help repair the damage.

water retention

According to Cleveland State University Hospitals, Ohio, fibrosis and micro-tears are the cause of muscle pain the next day, but over time they lead to muscle growth, but these micro-tears can lead to the inflammatory process in the body. Professor Cayode described it as “swelling”, which in turn can lead to extra water retention in the body. According to the Cleveland Clinic, excess water in the body could be another explanation for weight gain after exercise.

Professor Caywood explained, “I [احتباس الماء في الجسم] It does not actually mean a significant increase in overall weight, because not all fluids come from water retention. Some of them come from somewhere else in the body, like plasma in the bloodstream.”

muscle mass

Aerobic exercise, especially lifting weights or training with heavy weights, can also help with muscle mass growth. “If someone is doing strengthening exercises, they might notice an increase in their muscles,” Cayode said. But this requires very serious training, and it doesn’t happen in just a few weeks, it takes months to build up muscle, to the point where the change can be noticed on the scales which can be up to a year or more.”

Increased blood volume

Possible explanations for the increase in body weight after exercise include the amount of blood in the body. According to Professor Cayode, “When doing aerobic exercise, at some point, there can be an increase in blood volume, which is basically an increase in aerobic capacity, which is Aerobic capacity is a measurement of the maximum amount of oxygen the body can consume during exercise. Muscles need oxygen from the blood, so the more oxygen a person can consume, the better their endurance.

Persistence and perseverance

Professor Caywood advised that a person should not give up exercise quickly or as soon as they notice an increase in weight, because continuing and continuing to exercise will eventually help burn calories, thus stimulating weight loss, and additional kilograms are not the measures Only to improve physical performance and increase the ability to burn calories.

The true measure of success

Professor Cayode concluded her advice, saying, “Some people may increase their body weight a little after starting to exercise due to an increase in muscle weight, total blood volume, temporary water retention, etc., but this does not mean that they did not realize success” in improving their health, explaining that “All of these changes are positive to help build healthy muscles and make them work better in terms of metabolism.”

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