Why do we lose fit quickly after we stop exercising?

  • Dan Gordon and Justin Roberts
  • BBC

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Getting in shape may require many months of hard training. Although the strength you will gain from this may wear off quickly if you stop training, that does not necessarily mean that in this case, you will have to start from scratch again.

Getting fit or healthy isn’t easy. So, some may wonder, after making a great effort in exercising to achieve this goal, about the period of time during which they will be able to maintain this distinguished physical condition. The answer to this question came through studies, which showed that no matter how much effort is made in training to reach a distinct level of physical fitness, stopping those exercises for a period may lead to us becoming “physically unfit”, much faster than the one that took us. to reach that level.

And to know how a person can lose the fitness he gained thanks to sports if he stops exercising; First we have to understand how we can get physically fit. The main element, which brings us to this state, whether it is embodied in the form of increasing muscle strength, or improving the status of the heart and blood vessels, which is known as “cardiovascular fitness”, is to exceed the “usual load”, that is, to make one’s body exert More effort than usual. Here, the pressures that the body is exposed to, make it more adaptable to that extra effort, and more endurance as well, which in turn leads to its acquisition of higher rates of physical fitness.

The time you need to get fit depends on a number of factors, including your age and fitness level, how much effort you put into your workouts, and even the environment you’re training in. Pollution and high temperature may affect – for example – your physiological response to those exercises.

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