Why five MEPs are placed on a “blacklist”

They are suspected of having issued complacent reports on the holding of elections in third countries. Five French MEPs from the far-right Identity and Democracy group have been placed on the European Parliament’s “blacklist”, the website reveals EUobserver.com this Monday. Among them, Thierry Mariani, the head of the unfortunate list of the RN in the regional elections in Paca, as well as Hervé Juvin, Philippe Olivier, Jean-Lin Lacapelle and Virginie Joron, advance the site.

According to EUObserver.com, they were sanctioned after observing polls in Crimea annexed by Russia and Kazakhstan and making reports of appeasement, reports the site. These “sham watches” were made at the invitation of autocratic host governments on all-expense-paid trips a few days before elections were held. Joined by The world, on May 6, Thierry Mariani defended himself, stressing that “everything is transparent”, before adding that “the inviting power is indeed Russia, and we give the details of the costs covered in the declaration sent to Parliament European”.

French MEPs are not the only ones to be affected. Three other MEPs are on this “black list”, according to the EUobserver.com site. They belong to the extreme left group Gauche Unitaire européenne / Nordic Green Left (GUE / NGL). The two Irish politicians are Clare Daly and Mick Wallace. There is also the Spaniard, Manu Pineda, who went to observe the elections in Ecuador or Venezuela.

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“This is an urgent problem of great importance”

Other MEPs have received warnings and could be added to this “black list” such as Leïla Chaibi, of France Insoumise, according to EUobserver.com, specifying that she would be pinned for similar practices in Ecuador and Venezuela. But the MEP deplored in a press release “false accusations repeated several times on social networks which aim to undermine her dignity and the integrity of her mandate as MEP”. If she did go to Ecuador, on the other hand, she never carried out an election observation mission in Venezuela “.

“This is an urgent problem of great importance,” Stefanie Schiffer, head of the European Platform for Democratic Elections NGO documenting this practice, told EUobserver. “This also concerns the national deputies of Europe and it is done in a systematic way on a large scale”, she says. She estimates at 5,000 the number of false observers invited to the last Russian presidential election.

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As specified l’Obs, this “blacklist” inscription means that these MEPs will be banned from participating in other official European Parliament election observation missions until the end of this year.


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