Why is Jisoo behind Yuna Kim? vs Who touched Yeon-ah?… Controversy between fans

2023-05-28 13:25:35

Photo source = Company D’s official account

“Why is Ji-soo behind Yuna Kim?” VS “Who is touching Yuna?”

Photo source = Company D’s official account

A war of words is taking place between fans of Yuna Kim and Jisoo on the official account of Company D.

Photo source = Company D’s official account

The origin of the incident was that a picture of Kim Yuna was uploaded for the first time while uploading a picture of a company D event.

In response, netizens who seem to be fans of Jisoo are scrambling to post angry comments in English, such as “It’s ridiculous that Jisoo’s picture is further behind” and “Please show respect for Jisoo, the global ambassador.”

Of course, Yuna Kim fans are not easy. “Queen Yuna” “You don’t know world champion Yuna Kim!” She is showing reactions such as “One of the people you should never touch in Korea is our lady.”

In addition, comments such as “I wouldn’t even care about Jisoo” “In other photos, Jisoo was in front of me, but it seems like an overly sensitive reaction”, “Isn’t he overreacting to other stars for the star he supports?” is also coming out. Reporter Jeonghyeok Lee jjangga@sportschosun.com

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