Why the British are no longer afraid of radars in France (and in Europe)

Brexit ended the exchange of information that allowed fines to be sent from country to country, reports The Times. For France, this is a significant shortfall.

This is one of the unsuspected consequences of Brexit: the British will no longer receive fines for traffic offenses committed in France and in the European Union. The London daily The Times indeed reports that “The European directive on traffic offenses no longer applies, which means that the authorities no longer share their information concerning motorists flashed by speed cameras, indicate French officials”.

In practice, explains the newspaper, this means that owners of vehicles registered in the United Kingdom will no longer receive fines for offenses committed in European Union countries, including France, which is the first destination of the British. And conversely, Europeans will no longer be contacted for their offenses committed across the Channel.

60 million euros shortfall

And this while the British are on the first step of the podium of paid traffic offenses committed by foreigners in France, says the daily: last year, they were 444,000, far ahead of the Belgians (295,899) and the Germans (249,291).

France could lose up to 60 million euros in fines each year. ”

For the English, the time will not be for impunity, warns the Times : “Violators arrested by the police will have to pay their fine on the spot and if it is determined that they were driving at 50 km / h or more above the speed limit, their vehicle may be seized.

In addition, France does not despair of negotiating a bilateral agreement allowing the sending of future fines to offenders, even if Paris fears, according to rumors according to the newspaper, that London “Don’t drag your feet”.


The oldest British daily newspaper (1785) and the best known abroad has been owned since 1981 by Rupert Murdoch. He has long been the benchmark newspaper and the voice of the establishment. Today, it has lost some of its influence and


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