Why you absolutely must put a scoop of aluminum foil in your dishwasher

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Tired of having to iron your plates and cutlery after a machine? We have the solution.

The scene happens to all of us and God knows if it’s terribly bitchy: once the cycle of your dishwasher finished, you notice that there is dirt on your magnificent dishes and the cutlery does not shine brightly.

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Don’t panic, an Australian mom shared on TikTok an infallible trick to avoid surprises and have sparkling dishes: slip paper in the cutlery tray aluminium.

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You just have to reduce a piece of aluminum foil into a ball the size of a carbon ball. golf and voila. As explained Home and Works, a chemical reaction between the aluminum and the tablets will make washing more efficient than ever.

But that’s not all: the aluminum ball will also collect all the rust particles and thus prevent them from developing on the cutlery or dishes.

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And good news, the trick also works with your most precious silverware. Be careful, however, in this case, you will have to choose a suitable cleaner to avoid chipping the cutlery on big evenings.

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