Why you shouldn’t stay in your pajamas during quarantine or confinement

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Since it became known that the coronavirus had settled in our country, some people have been home for fifteen days, while others will go for the tenth day of isolation, and those who have hurried the most will take perhaps a week. In any case, it is important to take seriously this change of life in which the walls of your home have to become your place not only of privacy, or entertainment, but also work (those who through the computer continue with your day to day as if it were a school class, a newsroom, an office or a gym).

It will be two weeks since the government declared a state of alarm and asked the Spanish to keep us at home to avoid the expansion of the Covid-19. This has led many to choose to walk around in their pajamas all these days, even those who are telecommuting. Is this beneficial for managing confinement? Apparently, and as experts say, the answer is negative.

During these days when teleworking has been a great novelty for many of us, it is possible that the lack of structure and routine dominates us and we are tempted to let ourselves be carried away by succulent lazy habits … «Go to bed and wake up late, work in pajamas, not showering (yes, as you read it), throwing ourselves on the sofa for hours or, on the contrary, not having breaks, nor a fixed working time and ending up working more hours than agreed may be just habits of the onset of depression and anxiety », Alerts Elisa García, from El Prado Psychologists.

Don’t lose your habits
We are confined at home, yes, but that is not synonymous with stopping doing what we did when we were free to go and return wherever we wanted. For this reason, as advised by Lucía Jiménez, expert in productivity and creativity for entrepreneurs, it would be necessary to maintain, within the possibilities, the practices of always in our day to day. «Incorporating opening and closing routines of the day also allows us to separate work from leisure. We must do activities that serve to connect and disconnect from work. For example, before working we can get ready and when we finish putting on our pajamas and relax reading, “he says.

For her part, Elisa García adds that the lack of structure can distort us or even blur us: «We can abandon ourselves and little by little without being very conscious … Boom! The arrival of apathy and sadness may begin to settle in us ». We must not lose sight of our habits. In short, the structure of life that we led, because it will depend on that our self-concept and personal worth are not affected. “There will be those who say: ‘but if nobody is going to see me …’. That is precisely the challenge: get dressed, put on perfume, do your daily beauty ritual … Only for you and for no one else », encourages the psychologist.

What can cause us sadness. – Adobe Stock
What causes us this indescribable sadness?
As the psychologist Lidia Asensi reports, there are many factors that may be generating some emotional distress:

– The loss of our daily routine.

– Do not be in contact with sunlight. “The sun is a generator of vitamin D, despite not being directly related to the onset of depression, but low levels of Vitamin D may have a certain relationship with the onset of depressive symptoms,” explains the health psychologist at the Cepsim Psychological Center.

– The temporary loss of leisure and activity, as well as the practice of outdoor sports.

– Not being able to have physical contact with our loved ones. “Human beings are social beings and we need contact with others for our survival,” he says.

The situation that has occurred has completely broken our routine, and according to Lidia Asensi, from the Cepsim Psychological Center, it is important to generate new customs at the vital moment in which we find ourselves. “It is essential that we continue with the same schedule routine: get up, shower and get dressed before starting work. It would be convenient to go to bed at the same time as before confinement to wake up rested the next day. Waking up late and sleeping more than you can can make us feel unwell, “he says.

In short, some guidelines must be put in place to reduce the consequences generated by confinement. In this period, it is necessary to take care of ourselves psychologically to prevent it from later leading to emotional disorders, such as sleep problems, anxiety or depression. “I advise that we all keep in touch with our family and friends, and a good option is to make video calls or talk on the phone frequently. In addition, it is convenient that we express how we are feeling emotionally with this situation. It is possible that different changing emotional states appear, “says psychologist Lidia Asensi. .


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