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The 42-year-old actress Zhang Ziyi married singer Wang Feng in 2015 and gave birth to two more children besides Wang Feng’s stepdaughter. This month’s mainland National Day holiday, Zhang Ziyi’s self-directed and self-acted film was released, which allowed her to run non-stop to promote her. Yesterday (23rd) she finally took a vacation on the same day with her children. Not to lose the young girl, let the fans praise it really is a natural beauty.

The scenery taken by Zhang Ziyi in Beihai Park. (Composite image/Weibo, the same below)

Zhang Ziyi and her husband Wang Feng went to Beijing’s Beihai Park with two children yesterday. She posted a photo PO of the family’s family happiness on Weibo, and posted a post saying, “Beijing’s autumn shows its most beautiful appearance. Our weekend is an appointment. Become a vulgar, take the children to embrace the warm sunshine in the afternoon.”

Zhang Ziyi photographed the child's back.
Zhang Ziyi photographed the child’s back.

She has taken photos of trees with yellow leaves and two children having fun by the lake. Zhang Ziyi is completely undressed. Although her complexion is slightly darker than when she finishes makeup, her perfect facial features can still be a young girl. Her big watery eyes and brilliant smile also made netizens praise the truth and beauty.

Zhang Ziyi showed his face generously, but Wang Feng's face-covering style made netizens laugh.
Zhang Ziyi showed his face generously, but Wang Feng’s face-covering style made netizens laugh.

However, the Wang Feng in the photo is not as generous as her face. Instead, he wore a hat, sunglasses and a mask. Netizens couldn’t help but laugh. They left messages saying “I almost spewed out while drinking Coke”, “The figure in the glasses” and “ It was my daughter who woke up and took pictures.”


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