Will bars and restaurants reopen before mid-January?

Nothing is less sure. According to information from the Point, bars, bistros and other restaurants will remain closed during the holiday season.

Hardly imaginable, and yet Point wrote on Monday that it is a “draconian measure currently being considered by the government in order to fight against the spread of the coronavirus“.

“The date of January 15 or even February 1, 2021 would be widely mentioned, according to a source close to the file in direct contact with Bercy”

During his press conference last Thursday, Jean Castex did mention a (possible) reopening of local shops on December 1. The date could even be brought forward to November 27, due to Black Friday.

Indeed, the Prime Minister was not talking about bars and restaurants. Even less discotheques which, let us remember, have not reopened their doors since March.

2 out of 3 establishments in danger

These professions are already more than severely tested, between first confinement, reduced opening to terraces in June, early closings, curfews, mandatory closures for bars and now re-confinement.

On November 11, four professional organizations (SNRTC, Umih, GNI and GNC) published the results of a study conducted among 6,600 cafetiers, restaurateurs and hoteliers, with results without


“The coronavirus crisis could lead to the closure of two out of three establishments in the hotel and catering sector”

A perspective logically deemed “unacceptable” by organizations, while they have no visibility on the reopening of establishments after the second confinement.

If Le Point’s information were to verify, depriving the area of ​​the holiday season, it would certainly no longer be a disaster, but a tsunami.

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