Will there be a wedding this year? Manikuttan with reply

Manikuttan with interesting answers to fan questions

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3: All the contestants have returned to Kerala after the Bigg Boss show was stopped in the background of Kovid Lockdown. Voting is in progress to select the title winner from the remaining eight contestants. Voting time is until 11pm tonight.

All the Bigg Boss stars who have returned home are spending time sharing news with their fans on social media and asking for votes. Now, Manikuttan’s answers to his fans’ questions on Instagram are gaining attention on social media.

What is your favorite place in Bigg Boss House? The answer to the question was Confession Room.

Manikuttan answers fans’ questions

Will there be a wedding this year?
There is a desire, let’s see if it will happen.

What’s next?
All directors and screenwriters should be called and asked for a chance

Why are the glasses on?

Tired of looking at blurred vision and need glasses

How do you remember the lyrics of all the songs like this?

You will hear the song while driving. Now that you understand, I’m a bitch who wanders around looking for music.

How was Bigg Boss House?

The best experience of a lifetime, after all

Will I still go if I get an offer from Bigg Boss House?

Do you want to? You say

What about Lalettan?

I am his fan boy.

How do you evaluate the support given by the Malayalees after returning home?

All the parrots that were gone came back when they saw this response.

You are the owner of a good mind. Have a lot of kid fans?

Even though they are children, they are my best friends now

And so on. Manikuttan says he could not watch the entire episode and it will still take time.

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