Entertainment Will you get a 10/10 test on the expressions...

Will you get a 10/10 test on the expressions of yesteryear?


QUIZ – "Swim like an iron", "golden like a chalice" … These comparisons are the salt of the French language. do you know them?

Monica Vitti (Maria Luisa Ceciarelli) smoking, 1963.
Monica Vitti (Maria Luisa Ceciarelli) smoking, 1963. Franco Vitale / Reporters Associati / MP / RDA

This is called the style. Yes, comparisons, metaphors, hyperboles … All these "figures" make the claw of a sentence. And rather than twice! Imagine otherwise paragraphs and texts full of repetitions, redundancies and recurrences. Unlikely!

No no. It is better to use images. The authors Catherine Guennec and Jean-Jacques Delattre show it very well in their work Con like the moon (First); the figures of style are intimately part of the French language. "Smart as a monkey", "hard as iron", "wise as an image" … Not a day goes by without us making comparisons. But do you really know them?

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Le Figaro offers you to test your knowledge. Will you get a flawless?

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