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The response of the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, to the results of the last elections in that country (which gave the victory to the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden) has caused a sharp polarization in that country. Every day there seems to be a new controversy.

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This time, it was the turn of the famous salsa singer, Willie Colón, who posted a ‘joke’ on his official Twitter account that did not go down well with many netizens.

The publication, which was shared in Spanish and English, recounted how layoffs would be carried out by a business owner. The text simulates a statement informing workers that there will be a cut in personnel.

It starts by saying that, Due to the fact that Joe Biden was elected the new president of the United States, the organization would have to resign itself to the fact that taxes and charges from the Government are increased “in a big way”. And in turn, it indicates that the prices of its products would have to be increased by 10 percent to cover the alleged extra costs.

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However, he warns that this is not possible and that the easiest thing at the moment is to do without “60 of our employees.” This has really annoyed me since we are family here and I did not know how to choose who should go (SIC) ” , add your text.

Then, it is read that he walked to the company parking lot and noticed the workers’ cars. “I found 60 ‘Biden / Harris’ bumper stickers and decided that these people are the ones I will let go of, “the alleged release reads.

And later he adds ironically: “They voted for change, I gave it to them (SIC).”

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Social media exploded shortly after. Many pointed out that what he mentioned in the post was not legal. However, the singer remained in his position and continued to share other posts hostile against President-elect Joe Biden.

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Willie Colón’s other tweets

On more than one occasion the American singer of Latino descent has strongly criticized Democrats and people on the left. In addition, he has shared some memes that show it that way.

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In one of the most recent opportunities, he published an image in which a montage was made depicting the late leader of the People’s Republic of China, Mao Tse Tung, with the face of Joe Biden.

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Along with the photograph he put the text “Chairman Biden”, which translates ‘President Biden’ and which tries to link his figure with communism, a narrative that was very common in the Trump campaign.

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He also shared an image of former Chilean President Salvador Allende, who was the victim of a military coup in 1973 and was assassinated during that violent seizure of power. There he exposed an alleged quote from the leftist president, talking about freedom of the press, and below he wrote: “He who kills iron cannot expect to die with a pillow.”



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