Windows 10 build 20262 is available for download, what’s new?

A new Preview version of Windows 10 is available on the program’s Dev channel. Windows Insider. Windows 10 build 20262 brings bug fixes and performance improvements.

The emphasis is on reliability and responsiveness of the OS. Windows 10 build 20262 does not offer any new functionality. One of the issues fixed was with Wi-Fi and cellular wireless connections on some devices.

The giant explains

“We have fixed a recent problem with the Wi-Fi. If the Wi-Fi and the cell phone are connected and the Wi-Fi is disconnected the network flyout indicates that the cell service is connected however the applications are not really on. able to use the Internet. “

Windows 10 build 20262, many fixes

The software giant is also fixing a rendering problem. It causes for some applications a level of transparency set to maximum. The content then becomes barely visible. To all this are added corrections for various concerns. They affect, for example, the touchpad and the stylus support. We also have the resolution of an issue causing the “Settings” application to crash when opening the Storage section (Storage Sense).

Being part of the Windows Inisder program and more particularly on the Dev Channel, Windows 10 build 20262 is not perfect. Several known and unresolved issues are announced. One of them concerns the taskbar while an error 0x80070426 is possible with the use of a Microsoft account when logging into applications. For this last problem a workaround seems possible. Microsoft indicates that restarting the PC to resolve the situation.

Windows 10 build 20262 is available now. The OS is offered through the Windows update service. It is not recommended to use it on a main PC. We are not in the presence of a version considered stable.

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