“Windows 11: The Most Secure and Reliable Operating System with Over 1 Billion Users Worldwide”

2023-05-29 10:51:45

After announcing in late March 2020 that the number of users of the Windows operating system in the world has officially exceeded 1 billion, Microsoft recently announced again about the number of users of the Windows operating system.related datawhich includes that Windows 11 has become the most secure and reliable operating system in Microsoft history, and the new version of Microsoft Edge browser can not only quickly wake up from power-saving sleep mode, but also allow background operation to browse pages and save up to 83% of memory usage.

Other data include that the new version of the Microsoft Teams application corresponding to the Windows version can have 2 times the execution speed performance. Microsoft has also further enhanced the task bar, prompt messages, and quick setting execution speed in the Windows operating system, and it also allows the device to enter the The speed of the desktop is increased by 10%, and the speed of the application launched at the same time is cut in half.

In addition, Microsoft also emphasizes that when users follow the recommended energy usage settings, the power consumption of devices using the Windows operating system can be reduced by about 6%, and Microsoft even advertises that the current update method of the Windows operating system can be adjusted according to individual needs. This reduces the impact of more carbon emissions.

Microsoft also emphasized that the new version of the Windows operating system will reduce the execution delay of PC games and the proportion of jagged edge screens, and at the same time improve the efficiency of file management and the use of hardware peripherals.

These data are verified by more than 1 million operating hours of the machine every day, and statistics are made for the Windows user interface, standby/sleep wakeup, and memory and storage device operation usage.

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