Wireless Taiwan Celebration|Li Jiaxin’s difficulty adapting to the day and night life of filming dramas and squabbling for life (21:07)-20211119-SHOWBIZ

Li Jiaxin (Ali), who is busy filming the new drama “A Good Man”, appeared on the Taiqing Red carpet tonight and said that she experienced the reversed day and night life of filming again. She admitted that she was a little uncomfortable. She said: “After “Smart Lover” It’s a lot to be yourself, and it’s harder to get used to it all night (for a new drama).”

Speaking of the fact that Chen Ende, the “King of Cordyceps”, was exposed earlier, Ali said helplessly: “This question is true, and I don’t think it is something to be congratulated. I went to a restaurant for a charity project, and there are other people in the restaurant. It’s a public place, not what the report says. However, there are so many things that make people think too much. I don’t know how to do it. People who know me will know nothing about it. I haven’t met before. , As soon as I meet, I will be there, and I will only focus on charity projects. (Not happy?) It is a meaningful thing in itself, but in the end, I will ask a question that is not very pleasant.”

Speaking of this year Ali and Chung Jiaxin are praised as a big fan behind the scenes? She said: “A few months ago, “Smart Lover”, let the fate, I think the awards take turns to be happy, and I have never thought about me, but I will be happy if I have a good time, and I will be happy. ( Huang) Zhiwen played well.”

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