With 30% of the data, the Psuv adds more than 20 thousand postulates

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), Diosdado Cabello, reported this Sunday that 27,602 militants were nominated and nominated for the different positions, “those names come from the bases of our Party. This town is too conscientious ”.

Cabello pointed out that with a little more than 30% of processed information (after 10 pm), 27,602 nominees were reached for candidates for the different positions that come from the party bases.

He reported that 10,685 UBCh have reported to the National Electoral Commission of the PSUV. “This process has been extremely beautiful,” he said.

“2,361 women and 1,232 men have run for governor, there are more female leaders than men (…) Some of the UBCH began transmitting the results immediately, the procedure opened, we have data from governors, mayors, councilors and legislators” , He said.

From the Main Theater of Caracas, the revolutionary leader described this Sunday that the nomination process for the candidates for the primary elections on August 8 “has been an extraordinary success, thanks to the conscience of our people, an example of participation” .

“The modality that we applied had to do with the six positions for election, each one had to be done at the same time, under a procedure to guarantee gender parity and the results are extraordinary,” he said.

Cabello affirmed that the United Socialist Party of Venezuela is preparing for a great victory on November 21. “We are preparing for a great victory on November 21, we are not going to leave any loose ends.”

On the other hand, he reported that there have been cases of people who are not from the PSUV, but have leadership in the community and have nominated it. “We have been facilitators, where there have been problems is because the bosses at some level have been distracted and the UBCh begins to claim as it should,” said Cabello.

Finally, the first vice president of the Psuv, Diosdado Cabello, called on all the militants who are not winners in the elections of next August 8 to join the effort so that those who are elected can win mayors, governorships and legislative councils in the elections of 21 of November.

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