With Michael Jackson’s brother: Toni and Tito produced song | Regional

Werne – The world dances to his music – and now a pop legend too!

Producer Toni Tuklan (49) from Werne, who has already celebrated success with superstars such as dancehall artist Sean Paul (48), has now released the song “Make your mind up”. Again a world star is at his side: Tito Jackson (67), brother of Michael Jackson († 50) and member of the “Jackson Five”!

The “foundation stone” for the project was laid back in 2014. Toni: “I had a gig in Brazil. My sound was also heard by Tito Jackson and his management. They must obviously have liked it. “

The song is an international project: Toni Tuklan (left) with world star Tito Jackson (right) and EEBD (Eagle E. and Doc B., middle) as well as the Brazilian rappers Kaos MC and Duendy Primeiro

Photo: Stephan Schuetze

But Toni and Tito have never met. Because of Corona, they had to work in their own studios. But it was worth it! Since its release at the beginning of January, “Make your mind up” including video has been really going on online!

A tour is also planned. Toni: “Then I’ll finally get to know Tito personally.” The producer from Werne is currently working on a title for the European Football Championship in the summer: “I hope this will be the official European Championship song.”


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