With the borders closed, thousands of runners will ultimately not be able to participate

Canceled in 2020 due to coronavirus, the return to normal for the New York marathon will not be for the 2021 edition. Thousands of foreign runners, including European, British, Indian and Chinese nationals, will not be able to participate in the legendary race on November 7, the eve of the reopening of the United States’ borders, which had been closed for a year and a half.

It is a discreet statement from the organizers of the race, NYRR, published Friday evening on their website, which acknowledged that the announcement that same Friday by the White House of the reopening of the borders on November 8 would prevent de facto to thousands of foreigners running through the streets of New York on the 7th.

Wait until 2022

International participants who will not be able to travel to the United States “will be eligible to postpone their entry into the 2022 New York Marathon,” the statement said. However, the rejected participants will have to “claim” their postponement to the 2022 edition between “October 21 and November 3, 2021”, against the sum of “75 dollars”. Before I can re-register early next year. Any cancellation for the 2021 edition will not be refunded.

The organizers of the marathon referred to the list drawn up by the American health authorities of the countries affected by the travel ban, unless there is a compelling reason: these are all the European countries in the Schengen area, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, South Africa, India, China and Iran.

A significant economic impact

The 2021 edition, the 50th, was to welcome some 33,000 runners, or 60% of the 53,000 registered in 2019. Before the pandemic, the legendary marathon created in 1970 attracted more than 250,000 tourists each year, for an economic impact estimated at 415 million. dollars in 2015.

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