With the Covid premium, Emmanuel Macron heals the wounds of home help

It’s a message “ of solidarity of the Nation »Sent to the most vulnerable and to those who work to help them. A tribute to “ humanity “And” Brotherhood From all caregivers. On vacation at Fort Brégançon, Emmanuel Macron went to Toulon to salute the role of home help professionals and caregivers who took care of the elderly or disabled during the health crisis. These “ great forgotten Of the Covid-19 crisis, as recognized by the Head of State, will ultimately also receive a premium, like other frontline caregivers in the fight against the virus.

The president announced that the state and the departments would release 160 million euros – 80 million each – to pay this exceptional Covid premium to the 320,000 home helpers. They will receive a sum of around 1,000 euros between September and December. In any case “ before Christmas “, Wished Emmanuel Macron, accompanied in this trip by Brigitte Bourguignon, new Minister Delegate in charge of Autonomy, and Sophie Cluzel, Secretary of State in charge of People with disabilities.

All in empathy, a thousand leagues from the president who was astonished at “ crazy money “Spent on social assistance, he celebrated” those who allow these elderly or disabled people to live at home, to resist “, Before recalling that these professions were” 97% female ».

20% of vacant positions

While the health crisis has thrown a harsh light on the growing needs of the 6 million people aged 75 and over in France, Emmanuel Macron declared that the work of the law on autonomy will “ accelerate “. This major social reform of the five-year term should be finalized at the end of the year and not in the course of 2021. Prior consultation work will be carried out in the regions and departments. “ Meaning, recognition, funding, governance, attractiveness of these professions will be at the heart of this great law of autonomy that we will build together », He described.

In this underprivileged sector, 20% of home life support positions remain vacant, according to figures communicated by the Élysée. Beyond the creation of a fifth branch of Social Security dedicated to the loss of autonomy, registered by Parliament, the question of the attractiveness of these professions is central. Especially since staying at home as long as possible is a request “ of society as a whole “, Pointed out Emmanuel Macron.

In the morning, he had also visited Gisèle, an 80-year-old widow who lives alone in her apartment where she has her meals brought by a home help. More than 800,000 seniors are in the same situation in France, as well as 300,000 people with disabilities, recalled the president, who stressed the importance of barrier gestures in this period of reunion between grandparents and grandchildren while the virus “ still spinning ».

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The Head of State finally highlighted the role of volunteers and helpers. From October, an assisting leave will be put in place. But it is necessary “ go further “, with the “ development of nursing homes everywhere ” When “ many families see their lives completely turned upside down, with careers sometimes stopped To help a loved one. The commitment of healthcare professionals and caregivers, “ it is the fabric of the Nation that holds us all together », Concluded Emmanuel Macron.


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