With “The offices of the heart”, they open their businesses to homeless people during the night

The association offers business leaders to welcome homeless people, supervised by associations, at night and on weekends. About fifteen companies have already opened their doors.

“In the evening, don’t close your offices, open them!” This is the Credo of the Bureaux du cœur, an association founded at the end of 2019 by Pierre-Yves Loäec, director of the communication agency Nobilito and president of the Center des Jeunes Dirigeants (CJD). The association wants to convince company directors to welcome in their premises, in the evening and on weekends, people in great precariousness supervised by specialized associations. About fifteen bosses in the Nantes region have already taken the plunge, and the association intends to spread its idea all over France.

“In 2019, based on the observation that our offices are partly heated in the evening and on weekends, that they are equipped with kitchen and sanitary facilities (WC, sinks, often shower), it appeared to the leaders of the CJD Nantes that it was easy to accommodate people in precariousness in their premises once those are no longer in use, writes the association on its website. The Heart Offices thus allow people for whom collective housing is not a solution (woman who had to leave her home in an emergency, person who is in the process of reintegration but does not have the means to find housing … ) to access individual accommodation, to get closer to the business world, to socialize, to benefit from the solidarity of employees and sometimes from the contacts of managers. ”

No consideration

People in precariousness can arrive at 6:30 p.m. in the company, and leave the next morning when it opens. “He has the keys to the office, explains Pierre-Yves Loäec to the Actu.fr website, and there is no quid pro quo. We do not ask him to help with the housework, for example.To supervise them, Les bureaux du cœur works with a network of local associations specializing in the housing problems of people in great precariousness, such as the Association Saint Benoit Labre in Nantes.

The idea has already changed the life of Souleymane Diarra, 38, who has been staying in Pierre-Yves Loäec’s company since October after two years in the street. “It’s not just accommodation, he explains to Actu.fr. There is a certain autonomy but there are also rules to respect. Les Bureaux du Cœur is an opportunity and a helping hand to move forward and project oneself. In the morning, when the employees arrive, it is convivial and it gives you fishing!“Pierre-Yves Loäec, for his part, is already thinking bigger and intends to install his idea “In Lyon, Paris, Nancy or Rennes”.

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