With this ingredient, honey becomes EVEN healthier

There is still a little while to go before the cold season. But it is well known that it is better to be safe than sorry – especially when it comes to the flu. For example, you can use Cistus-Tee do something for your immune system even before Flu viruses and bacteria Make life difficult for you. And honey, too, can help you get through the colder months without a sore throat, runny nose or headaches and body aches. Because the sweet elixir is rich in vitamins B and C as well as calcium and potassium. Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, honey also has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Honey no longer just comes into our tea. If you add a few chilli flakes, they will health-promoting properties of honey is even stronger. But what makes chili honey, also known as “hot honey”, so healthy?

Why is “Hot Honey” so healthy?

The blood fat is regulated

If you consume “Hot Honey” regularly, the bad LDL cholesterol will be counteracted. This is a natural way to lower your blood lipid levels. “Hot Honey” has other advantages as well. The one contained in the chilli Slimming fabric Capsaicin regulates the blood sugar level and keeps it constant. Food cravings can be wonderfully prevented.

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The metabolism is stimulated

You just want to get rid of those annoying corona pounds? Here, too, “Hot Honey” can help you. Because the chili honey heats it up Metabolism and fat burning neatly in the truest sense of the word. Why? Capsaicin stimulates thermogenesis (heat generation) in the body. The excess energy is converted into heat, which allows you to burn calories and fat properly. “Hot Honey” is also a real slimming product!

The intestinal flora is strengthened

Is your intestinal flora completely unbalanced by an unhealthy and unbalanced diet or antibiotic treatment? Oligosaccharides (polysaccharides) can help you bring these back into balance. Both honey and chilli contain this Polysaccharides a considerable amount. In the intestine, oligosaccharides serve as prebiotics that promote healthy intestinal bacteria. By the way, we will tell you here how you can build up your intestinal flora in 3 steps >>

Colds can be relieved

As crazy as it sounds at first, the capsaicin contained in chillies can actually help to relieve a cold. Why exactly? Capsaicin promotes blood circulation in the mucous membranes and thereby relieves a blocked nose. But hot spices like chillies can do even more. They also work anti-inflammatory, analgesic and germicidal. In combination with honey, chillies become a reliable home remedy in the fight against stubborn colds. Just add a little hot honey to your tea. Honey coats the mucous membranes, the capsaicin in the chillies relieves unpleasant pain.

How to prepare “Hot Honey”


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