With this new inexpensive box, Lidl wants to solve all your WiFi problems

Very fit, Lidl was certainly not going to be a perfect opportunity to get noticed. To celebrate the start of the new school year, the German distribution giant is offering yet another connected product at a mini price. After Mr Cuisine, robot competitor of Thermomix, wireless headphones, audio headphones, a smartphone, a connected watch and even clothing, Lidl is launching a new connected object aimed at expanding its range.

This new product is nothing extraordinary since it is a WiFi amplifier box. So we saw sexier. However, as the start of the school year approaches, a good WiFi connection is essential for children but also for parents who have gradually adopted telework (for those who can of course).

A WiFi amplifier is a small box that is positioned in the house as a relay for the WiFi signal from the box. It is often used in spacious dwellings or built on several levels. It is also very useful when the waves have to cross several walls, in which case the signal can weaken considerably.

Lidl launches a WiFi box at a discounted price

We now know Lidl’s method of getting noticed. It markets products of brands specializing in a field by reducing prices to a minimum.

The new WiFi booster box is no exception. Lidl opted for a box from the manufacturer TP-Link, very well known in this market. Its operation is simple: you plug it into a power outlet and connect it to the home internet network. It will then transmit the WiFi signal further with a very slightly reduced signal compared to the box.

Its great strength is therefore its price. Lidl offers its TP-Link box at 19.99 euros. This is much lower than what can be found on the market for a comparable product. Then if you have WiFi issues to be paid before the start of the school year, you will have to go in a Lidl store on September 6, 2021.

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