Woman murdered in Fontibón was going to negotiate cars for 70 million

The attack occurred around eight o’clock in the evening when the two people were returning from an appointment they had with a car dealer, in the Zona Franca sector (in western Bogotá), as the counterpart never arrived at the agreed place, Bogotá Alert reported.

The station said that the couple was crossing Calle 21 with Carrera 88 A, near the Bosques de Hayuelos residential complex, when they were intercepted by two subjects who were riding a motorcycle. One of them shot the woman in the abdomen, approximately 44 years old, an injury that caused her death after being transferred to the Fontibón Hospital.

The victim of the insecurity in Bogotá She was identified as Yady Jazmín Aguirre Rodríguez, and the frequency reported that “she was returning home in the company of her husband after an unsuccessful appointment in the purchase of two vehicles for the sum of 70 million pesos.”

This version was ratified by Colonel Marcel Calixto Villarte, Inspection Officer of the Metropolitan Police, than in dialogue with El Tiempo said the couple was in a vehicle, and that she had been summoned to close a business of about 70 million pesos with a person who sells cars and motorcycles in the Free Trade Zone.

“There were two people in the vehicle, one of them shot in the abdomen […] They, supposedly, came from the negotiation of some vehicles, and the man is totally unharmed, “added the officer in the newspaper, and said that the citizen will be interviewed to know in detail what happened.

Another version that emerged on the site of the events, and that was collected by the frequency, is that the couple allegedly had “debts with moneylenders”, but the authorities will verify this hypothesis.

This case of apparent fleteo It happened a day after councilor Emel Rojas alerted a woman who was in a car and who, he said, was injured, also from a motorcycle in Fontibón.

This is the councilman’s complaint, as the theft was registered by a security camera. What is evident there is that, apparently, the criminals were following the victims.


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