women are better protected than men against the virus

Since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, researchers have noticed a difference between infected women and men. Women are said to be less prone to severe forms of the virus. But, on top of that, they are said to keep antibodies longer than men after contracting the virus.

It has been observed since the start of the epidemic: there are more men than women among the patients hospitalized because of the Covid-19 and among deaths when not more of them are infected with the virus. A study by Strasbourg university hospitals and the Institut Pasteur has just confirmed that men also lose their immunity faster.

For this study, the researchers followed 308 staff members of the Strasbourg hospital, men and women who were infected with the coronavirus and for whom the date of contamination was known. For each of them, the researchers measured the amount of antibodies they had left precisely three months and six months after their infection, explains Professor Samira Fafi-Kremer, co-author of the study, and the differences between women and men are clearly visible.

“Better antibody stability”

“Strangely enough, at around three or even six months, men lost their antibodies while women showed better antibody stability. We know that several genes that are involved in the immune response are linked to the X chromosome, there is also a link with our hormones, now we will have to see if this data persists over time, ”she explains.

The XX chromosomes of women and XY of men could therefore explain these differences. So a question arises: could a possible vaccine also be more effective in women? Unable to confirm for now, but these researchers hope that the laboratories will quickly conduct research on the issue.

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