Women’s basketball: Blizzard draws attention in Maryland

The bet of the Séminaire Saint-François, .

In one of the last big summer tournaments in the United States (Best of Maryland), the Séminaire Saint-François drew many eyes with its results. The new Blizzard excellence team lost in the quarterfinals of the tournament to Homestead, located in Indiana. Coach David Levasseur was very satisfied with his players.

“We lost by four points and the game was hotly contested. They had in their rank Ayanna Patterson who has already agreed to play with the power of the Connecticut Huskies in 2022. She is already capable of dunker without problem and it is to play against this kind of opposition that we are here. It would be impossible to do so while staying in Quebec. ”

According to the Blizzard basketball manager, the results of his training at this tournament confirm that the right decision was made earlier this summer to leave the framework of the RSEQ.

“We were unbeaten in the preliminary stages with four wins, no losses. Our Saturday night win was against a team that finished in the top four in Pennsylvania and the roster has exactly the same club as last year. It doesn’t mean that we are in the best teams in the United States, but we are able to play against these teams without looking crazy. We deserve to be on the same ground. The tournament director was very satisfied with our performance which bodes well for receiving a new invitation next year. ”

In the sights of the NCAA

Such a big tournament allowed Quebec basketball players, Saint-Laurent high school also participated in the event, to perform in front of 104 coaches from American universities. Several prestigious universities were included such as Michigan, Purdue, Maryland and UCONN.

“It’s forbidden for NCAA coaches to come and talk to our players at this time of year. However, I am sure there will be interest quickly. I will surely have to provide additional information on Anaïs Trempe who was my strongest player in the tournament, Kayla Couturier and Anaïs Levasseur. The goal is to be seen and that is exactly what we have achieved. ”

The pleasure of playing

The coach was also delighted to see his players return to competition. “The smiles on the faces were obvious. It feels really good. The team spirit is back and the trip has been very educational for our younger players who now understand the level of play we expect. ”

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