Women’s D1: Paris holds up in Lyon, the title is getting closer

The opportunity was so good for the Parisians. Glean and snatch the most beautiful title in the history of women’s PSG on the ground of their best rivals, in Lyon, with Europe’s biggest women’s football team of the decade (OL won 7 Champions League in 10 years).

So far, a title of champions of D2 (in 2001) and two Cups of France (2010, 2018) adorned the trophy cabinet of the PSG. A success at Groupama Stadium on Sunday evening (PSG had a point ahead of OL in the standings before the start of the meeting) and Paris held it, its first French league title. Finally. After 14 years of unchallenged reign of the Rhone in the league and years of frustration for Paris.

But to win the Grail, the players of Olivier Echouafni had, once again, to overthrow the OL mountain. To overthrow Lyon’s revenge, tossed about and moved like never before this season by an astonishing Parisian team. And already beaten twice this season. In the first leg, PSG had logically taken the best of OL in the league (1-0). Then, above all, Paris had released the teammates of Amandine Henry in the quarter-finals of the Champions League (including a victory at Groupama Stadium). Lyonnaises who were then five-time reigning European champions.

Impressive longevity, the Fenottes – as they say in the Rhône – had warned. They would not leave their crown without a fight. For a long time, moreover, the shock Sunday evening was bitter, very … very engaged. With rough contacts, under the eyes in particular of the coach of the France team, Corinne Deacon, and the sports director of PSG, Leonardo.

PSG largely at the level of OL in the game

As in the first three games between the two teams this season, PSG looked OL straight in the eye. By refusing to submit. By being, in the game, largely at the level of those who have so dominated France in women’s football for years and years. Never, in recent seasons, has Paris displayed such a face. Hadn’t been so close to the OL juggernaut. Also attractive. Also enterprising. Also disarming for the Rhone women. And this despite the absence Sunday evening of his striker Marie-Antoinette Katoto, insufficiently recovered from a thigh injury (Eugenie Le Sommer was also absent on the Lyon side).

Remarkably organized, the Ile-de-France women even obtained the most frank opportunities, by Kadidiatou Diani (5th) and especially by Signe Bruun (62nd). They have succeeded perfectly in foiling their rivals. A OL without ideas, without a solution. Without lightning. Unable to force his destiny.

Failing to win the Grail at Groupama Stadium, Grace Geyoro’s teammates provided the essentials. Don’t lose. Keep their fate in hand. Now, still one point ahead of Lyon before the last day, PSG must beat Dijon this Friday (June 4) to finally win this long-awaited title. By largely standing up to OL, Paris has come a long way. It only remains to transform the test.

Lyon – PSG

Half time: 0-0

Spectators: in camera

Referee: Mme Frappart

Warnings. Paris: Carpenter (35th), Paredes (57th), Lawrence (67th)

Lyon : Bouhaddi – Carpenter (Cayman 79e), Buchanan, Renard (cap.), Bacha – Marozsan, Karchaoui (Kumagai 70e), Henry – Cascarino (Malard 70e), Macario, Majri. Entr. : Bompastor

Paris : Endler – Lawrence, Paredes (cap.), Dudek (Cook 74e), Morroni – Diani, Geyoro, Däbritz, Baltimore – Bruun (Huitema 65e), Bachmann (Nadim 80e). Entr. : Echouafni

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