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In the midst of the closing of tables abroad, the candidate of Approve Dignity continues to reap triumphs outside the country, maintaining the trend that it marked in the early hours of the day.

Now, the deputy of Social Convergence achieved the first place of the preferences in Italy, reaching 254 votes (47%), in the districts of Milan and Rome. In second place was José Antonio Kast (Christian Social Front) with 145 votes (27%) and third came Sebastián Sichel (Chile We Can More), scoring with 70 votes (13%).

In fourth position appeared the name of Yasna Provoste (New Social Pact), which won 35 votes (6%). Much further behind were Eduardo Artés (Patriotic Union) with 17 votes (3%), Franco Parisi (People’s Party) with 16 (3%) and finally Marco Enríquez-Ominami (Progressive Party) with 6 (1%).

In France, the Magellan parliamentarian had an overwhelming victory, reaching 1,013 votes, which represents 72.72% of the preferences. They were followed by Sichel with 108 (7.75%), Kast with 97 (6.96%), Provoste with 82 (5.88%), Artés with 41 (2.94%), and finally Enríquez-Ominami and Parisi tied by 26 votes (1.86%).

The joys for Boric also came from Germany, where he obtained 1,869 votes (67.4%). Lagged behind were Kast with 344 (12.4%), Sichel with 252 (9.1%), Provoste with 134 (4.8%), Parisi with 65 (2.3%), Artés with 62 (2.2%) and ME-O with 47 (1.7%).

Note that these are preliminary results, so we must wait for the official information emanating from the Servel.

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