Economy Work shuffles facilitate PER to farmers in Andalusia and...

Work shuffles facilitate PER to farmers in Andalusia and Extremadura


The Government could put on the table one of the measures that it has been considering, to alleviate the situation of the agricultural and livestock sector, at the meeting held today by the Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz and the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias with unions agrarian and which, according to sources consulted, would not have been called – at least initially – one of the main agricultural organizations: Asaja. All this, after having initially postponed another meeting to which the Extremadura and Andalusian branches of UGT and Workers’ Commissions had been convened. In addition to Asaja, COAG and UPA, representing the agricultural sector.

On the table of the meeting with Iglesias and Díaz could be the easing of conditions, with which you can access the agricultural subsidy for workers living in Andalusia and Extremadura (formerly known as PER). A way to compensate for the difficult situation that crosses the field, especially the Andalusian and Extremadura. How? For example, reduced the number of days or peondas necessary to access this benefit, and that are located in 35 days within the twelve calendar months prior to being unemployed, according to the website of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE). Specifically, there are two types of subsidies: One in favor of temporary workers assigned to the Special System for Agrarian Employees of the Social Security and another directed, more specifically, to those over 52 years enrolled in the said Special System.

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On the other hand, this Thursday the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, met yesterday with representatives of the fruit and vegetable sector before whom he reviewed problems such as low prices at source, the application of trade agreements with third countries or the tariffs imposed by the United States on products such as olives. Planas reaffirmed its intention to introduce changes in the Law of the food chain immediately to regulate the sales to losses or the publicity of the sanctions, leaving for later the transposition of the European directive on unfair commercial practices. In his speech he also opted for the “strict application” of European regulations for agri-food products from third countries.

Skepticism in the sector
The minister, who described the meeting as “very interesting and positive,” did not convince the representatives of Asaja, COAG and UPA. Cristóbal Aguado, national vice president of Asaja, announced that the camp will continue with the mobilizations until the beginning of March; while from COAG, its head of fruit and vegetables Andrés Góngora, concluded that “the meeting with the minister we got worse than we entered” and urged to re-publish the price studies of the value chain “that are not carried out since 2011 », and announced the continuity of the demonstrations. For his part, Lorenzo Ramos (UPA) demanded that the changes in the Food Chain Law come into effect “as soon as possible”.


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