would it be useful to close the schools?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – Faced with the concerns raised by the new variants of the virus, the idea of ​​closing schools is resurfacing in the debate. What effect would such a decision have, heavy with consequences for parents?

THE QUESTION. The government is not in favor of the idea of ​​closing schools, a measure that should not be one of those announced this Thursday by the Prime Minister. “If school stops, it’s very bad for the children but also for the economy“Jean Castex explained on Thursday during a visit to Metz. The idea has emerged again in the debate for several days in the face of the very real risk of a resumption of the epidemic and the concern raised by the various variants of the virus, in particular the “mutantBritish.

Faced with an exponential number of contaminations in the United Kingdom, the government has chosen to reconfigure the country, the closure of schools (but also of businesses) being part of the arsenal implemented. But what role do children really play in the spread of Covid-19? And what effect would a school closure have on the spread of the virus, given that such a decision would necessarily affect the lives of confined parents?

CHECKS. Regarding transmission

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