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Reporter Zheng Peiwen/Taipei Report

▲ The Kuomintang held a press conference on “Rescue the Cambodian people in distress and ask the government to come up with a solution!” (Provided by the Kuomintang)

Fraud in Cambodia was exposed. Many Taiwanese were deceived by high salaries and abused as “piggy” in the local area, which attracted great attention from all over Taiwan. Three Kuomintang legislators went to Cambodia to understand and communicate. Hong Mengkai said frankly that the local “one China policy” has led to obstacles to rescue. Zeng Mingzong, the general leader of the Kuomintang Legislative Yuan, held a press conference today (17th) and criticized Foreign Minister Wu Zhaoxie for only swearing and shouting slogans. On the contrary, the Kuomintang went to the local area.

The Kuomintang group held a press conference in the morning on “Rescue the trapped Cambodians, ask the government to come up with a solution!” Zheng Zhengqian said that Cambodia’s current fraud, extortion, and human trafficking have a historical background, which is related to the development of Westport by China’s Belt and Road Initiative. At present, the local area has regarded this as a “gray industry” (gray industry). Yesterday, I communicated with private people and local Taiwanese businessmen. They specifically suggested that the representative office can mobilize resources and relationships to establish a rescue platform in Cambodian and Chinese, including dedicated lines, Instagram, Facebook, and LINE.

Zheng Zhengqian said that whether there are Chinese nationals who plan to escape Cambodia or the family members of relevant people who want to report the case, there are three pieces of information that must be prepared, that is, the passport, the photo of the inside page of the passport, and the reporting unit or the police station, Taiwanese businessmen, and civilians, and tell them. Which park are people in. Zheng pointed out that the fraud zones include Westport, Bavet, Phnom Penh, Poipet, Baima, Caitong, and Pusa.

Zheng Zhengqian also said that when he came to Cambodia this time, he had more than ten cases in his hands. If you have a specific park seat, you can use local relations and rescue channels to have the opportunity to give timely help to those who seek rescue.

Wu Sihuai said that private people have provided three common points for relevant cases. They can provide police units at Taoyuan Airport. From this perspective, it can be judged from this perspective: first, a new passport within one month; second, one-way air tickets; third, landing Visa, “It’s useless to hold a sign at Taoyuan Airport”.

Hong Mengkai added that 95% of the Taiwanese that the local Taiwanese businessmen saw or assisted in the rescue in the past conformed to the above-mentioned three common points. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of source management in Taiwan and block it in the country in order to truly protect the Chinese people. The Consular Affairs Bureau is issuing new passports. For those who go to Cambodia and have not applied for electronic visas, there should be a warning mechanism to activate, and follow-up through propaganda, persuasion, prevention, and police investigations when leaving the country to disintegrate or follow the line. criminal conspiracy.

Zeng Mingzong expressed the hope that after the three legislators return to China, they will provide the government with their first-hand observations, experiences and suggestions, and propose specific rescue measures. In addition, the KMT group held its first press conference on the Cambodia case on the 15th, questioning the performance of the government’s new southbound policy, and condemning the government for disregarding life and only caring about elections.

Zeng Mingzong reiterated that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would only issue press releases and only provide relevant information on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. can not be less.

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