WWE Friday Night SmackDown # 1083 Results & Report from Orlando, Florida, USA from May 22, 2020 (incl.videos & voting)

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown # 1083
Venue: WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, USA
US first broadcast: May 22, 2020
Spectators: 0

The WWE commemorates fallen US soldiers with a video.

After the usual intro video (not so lately) John Morrison & The Miz sit in the ring and welcome us to a new edition of “The Dirt Sheet”. The Miz still can’t understand that Otis Mr. Money is in the bank. It’s not just Otis, but also the people he messes with, like Braun Strowman last week. John Morrison clarifies that Strowman has been replaced by a few dolls in the Wyatt Family. Now a few dolls are shown on the Titantron that did not make it to the Firefly Fun House: Shiloh the Lonely Laundry Lass, Dookie the Diaper Boy (two farting socks) and Mandyquin Rose. At some point they are interrupted by Braun Strowman, who first throws the “dirt sheet” chairs out of the ring and builds up in front of the hosts. He explains that he didn’t think the show was too bad and that he sometimes even enjoyed himself. But since he is now part of the show, they should ask him a few questions, for example about Bray Wyatt and his dolls. The Miz explains that he already met Bray Wyatt and that confrontation almost destroyed him. Fortunately, John Morrison got him back on his feet. Now Morrison and Braun Strowman have a heated discussion in which Morrison claims that The Miz could easily defeat Braun. The Miz sees the catastrophe coming and wants to talk himself out of it, but when Braun Strowman asks if that was a challenge, Morrison says yes. With a “damn.” The Miz complies with his fate …

1st match
(Non-Title) Empty Arena Match
Braun Strowman won against The Miz (w / John Morrison) via pin after the running powerslam.
Match time: 03:32
– John Morrison intervened during the match.
– Braun Strowman still likes to run against obstacles, today the ring post had to serve again.

After the match, John Morrison Braun challenges Strowman to a WWE Universal Championship match at Backlash – but in a handicap match, so that he can compete against Strowman with The Miz. Braun accepts the challenge with a grin on his face.

During his entry it is mentioned that AJ Styles was permanently drafted to SmackDown. In return, RAW will receive several SmackDown superstars to be announced.

2nd match
WWE Intercontinental Championship Tournament – Round 1 – Empty Arena Match
AJ Styles won against Shinsuke Nakamura via pin after the Phenomenal Forearm.
Match time: 13:18
– AJ Styles will meet Elias in the semi-finals.

We take a look at last week’s speech duel between Bayley & Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair. Then we see Bayley & Sasha Banks in the backstage area. Sasha wants to present her plan for Bayley’s match against Charlotte, but Bayley doesn’t want Sasha to be in her corner today. She just wants to show that Charlotte was wrong and Bayley is also successful individually. The two women hug, but behind Bayley’s back, Sasha isn’t really happy with this decision.

For RAW, a # 1 contender match between NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair, Natalya (who lost to Shayna Baszler in less than four minutes in the last RAW issue) and Nia Jax is announced. The winner will meet WWE RAW Women’s Champion Asuka at “Backlash”.

3rd match
(Non-Title) Empty Arena Champion vs. Champion match
Bayley won against Charlotte Flair via pin after a roller coaster, while Bayley supported himself on the ring rope.
Match time: 14:56

In the backstage area, Bayley & Sasha Banks celebrate Bayley’s victory.

4. Match
Empty arena mixed tag team match
Sonya Deville & Dolph Ziggler won against Otis & Mandy Rose via pin by Sonya Deville against Mandy Rose after a running knee strike to the back of the head.
Match time: 09:35

After the match, Otis takes care of his girlfriend. Dolph Ziggler takes the opportunity and strikes down Otis with a super kick.

Jeff Hardy speaks in the backstage area about his “last good run”, which he mentioned two weeks ago. Now he also knows where this run is going: to the WWE Intercontinental Championship and thus through Sheamus.

An “In Memory of Shad Gaspard” graphic is displayed.

The Forgotten Sons (Jaxson Ryker, Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler) hold another recorded promo. They talk again about the difficult times they had to go through. They are not afraid to stand by their past. If this makes them uncomfortable for some, then they have achieved their goal. There is blood on her hands.

The handicap match between Braun Strowman and John Morrison & The Miz for Braun Strowman’s WWE Universal Championship is officially confirmed for “Backlash”. The challengers are then interviewed by Renee Young and are confident of their numerical superiority.

The feud between Jeff Hardy and Sheamus is summarized in a video package.

5th match
WWE Intercontinental Championship Tournament – Round 1 – Empty Arena Match
Jeff Hardy won against Sheamus via pin after a rollerball.
Match time: 14:07
– Jeff Hardy meets Daniel Bryan in the semi-finals.

In the coming week, the two semi-finals AJ Styles vs. Elias and Jeff Hardy vs. Daniel Bryan come. Today’s edition ends with an angry sheamus.


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