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Xbox Series S sales rarely surpass PS5, foreign media reveal 3 reasons

The price of Xbox Series S is close to the people, and it is also one of the advantages. (Flip Xbox official website)

Foreign media reported that during the Black Friday weekend in November this year, the total sales of Xbox Series S in North America unexpectedly surpassed the PS5, and revealed three major reasons.

November is the sales month of the American game industry. Many people buy game consoles and video games as gifts. Black Friday after Thanksgiving is a discount shopping day in the United States, symbolizing the start of the Christmas shopping season. For the Xbox Series S to win the PS5 during Black Friday, the foreign media “Business insider” pointed out that due to the shortage of chips, the PS5 is hard to find, and the lower performance Xbox Series S has more inventory. It is currently in major e-commerce companies. Spots can be purchased on the platform.

The second is the price advantage. Compared with the PS5 price of 399 US dollars (approximately NT $ 11,064), Xbox Series S is 299 US dollars (approximately NT $ 8,290), lowering the threshold for players to start.

In addition, because Xbox Series S does not have an optical disc drive, it is necessary to purchase games through digital stores. With Microsoft’s popular Game Pass subscription service, you can play more than a hundred games unlimitedly as long as you pay a monthly fee. The high CP value naturally attracts players.

It is worth noting that Microsoft released two 3A masterpieces, “Last Battle: Infinite” and “Forza Horizon 5” on Game Pass in November, which will also drive the sales of Xbox Series S to win the PS5 during Black Friday.

In general, the total global sales of the PS5 since its launch is still far better than the Xbox model. The major factor in the sales of the Xbox Series S this time is that “players can’t buy it.” If the PS5 is no longer hard to find, the Xbox Series S will sell It may not be easy to surpass PS5.

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