Xbox Series X/S already supports Dolby Vision games, which will further enhance the gaming experience | XFastest News

Microsoft will have more than 100 HDR games optimized for Xbox Series X/S that will support Dolby Vision. In the future, gamers will see more games like “Halo: Infinite” that make full use of Dolby Vision. In addition, there are thousands of games that can improve the picture quality through the enhanced technology of Xbox Series X/S Dolby Vision.

Microsoft said that it has always hoped to provide gamers with the best gaming experience with complete audio and visual effects. This is the reason for the cooperation with Dolby. In 2017, through Dolby Atmos (Dolby Atmos) to bring immersive spatial audio to the Xbox platform, then in 2018, through Dolby Vision (Dolby Vision) to bring more realistic pictures to movies and streaming media , By 2020, Xbox Series X/S will become the first game console to support Dolby Atmos games, and Dolby Vision games will be supported next.

Microsoft is currently working closely with developers to provide the tools needed to make full use of Dolby Vision in games to ensure that the number of games that support Dolby Vision continues to grow. Developers can do this through the built-in functions of the Xbox platform, or they can choose to apply the technology directly to the game engine.

If you want to get the best Dolby Vision gaming experience, you need a TV that supports Dolby Vision and turn on the relevant settings, then games that support Dolby Vision will be automatically mapped. Through Dolby Vision, the brightness, color, contrast and detail of the game can be raised to a new level. It is also compatible with Xbox Series X/S next-generation features, such as ray tracing, automatic low latency mode (ALLM), variable refresh rate (VRR) and 120FPS rate, depending on the TV’s capabilities.


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