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[Reporter Lin Yufan/Taipei Report]Xiao Lihong, the founder of “Zhuwei Studio”, who only won the 25th Taipei Cultural Award a few days ago, passed away in Singapore this (30) morning at the age of 75. In response, Zhuwei Studio confirmed that it had issued an obituary on the official website.

Xiao Lihong was born in Hong Kong in 1946. For more than 40 years, she has supported Taiwanese artists in different periods with the collection of artist works. Before the early government has not fully developed cultural policies, she became the promoter of Taiwan’s art stationing and the reuse of idle space. In 1995, she founded the first non-profit organization in China. For-profit international art village “Zhuwei Studio”, incubating artists of all generations to develop avant-garde works, and even more than 400 Taiwanese artists to the world.

The official website of Zhuwei Studio issued an obituary of “Mr. Xiao Lihong, the founder,” with the introduction of “I, I will retire.” The introduction announced that “The founder of Zhuwei Studio, Mr. Xiao Lihong, had left us in the early morning of August 30 and died of illness. In Singapore.” Follow-up matters will be announced at another date.

Xiao Lihong, the founder of Zhuwei Studio, passed away and lived at the age of 75. (Data photo, photo by reporter Hu Shunxiang)

The full text of the obituary is as follows:

As early as the end of 2018, Mr. Xiao, together with the Zhuwei Studio team, began to prepare for the series of activities for the 25th anniversary of Zhuwei Studio. Whether it was birthdays, exhibitions, workshops, artist creation projects, forums, etc., many activities were held by Mr. Xiao Brewing in his heart, ready to go. Unexpectedly, as the foreign epidemic heats up, many ongoing or about to happen projects have to be suspended, postponed or changed.

At the beginning of this year, due to the physical condition of Teacher Xiao Lihong, accompanied by her family, she began frequent inspections in and out of the hospital. At the tail banquet in Zhuwei Studio, Mr. Xiao also announced the news of his retirement, and entrusted his dreams to the consultant team one by one, and concentrated on receiving treatment. However, despite trying a variety of medical combinations, the physical condition still did not improve. Under the advice of the doctor, Mr. Xiao decided to go to Singapore for more complete treatment. At the same time, Taiwan’s epidemic broke out, and Zhuwei Studio was also gradually completing various plans during the epidemic. It is hoped that Teacher Xiao will return to Taiwan before the Lunar New Year to invite relatives and friends of Zhuwei Studio to have a dinner, to Zhuwei Studio─ ─ Say goodbye to this International Art Village, which has been born in a chicken farm for 25 years.

In the middle of this year, Mr. Xiao got better after several treatments and was able to show up in the closing forum of Zhuwei Studio with a healthy attitude, expressing his expectations and blessings for everyone. At the beginning of August, Wu Zhongliang, the director of the Shensheng Theater, the long-term partner of Zhuwei Studio, left us a step earlier, but we did not expect that on the penultimate day at the end of August, our patriarch, Xiao Lihong, also left us. People are reluctant to give up, and they can only wish Teacher Xiao a good journey and rest in peace.

I am also very grateful for the nomination and recommendation of UTV. Ms. Xiao Lihong won the 25th Taipei City Culture Award. Although Ms. Xiao Lihong was born in Hong Kong, she has left many contributions and profound influences to Taiwan’s art and literature circles in the second half of her life.

Finally, I would like to thank all the friends in the arts and literature circles for their long-term care and support for Teacher Xiao Lihong and Zhuwei Studio. Although Zhuwei Studio will turn off the lights at the end of 2021, the team will continue to properly carry out the tasks left by Teacher Xiao. Complete, so that Teacher Xiao’s last will be able to continue.

We were also shocked, shocked and persevering at the sudden death of Teacher Xiao. We are currently waiting for the arrangement of the family members. We will know the follow-up matters as soon as possible and we will announce the next day.

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