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The weapon is sharp, and the iron is cut like mud. The wind direction is sharp, and the small iron is as intended. I hope to use more discussions and share various opinions on watching the game.

Within two weeks, the layout of the gold nugget came quickly, but it was extremely clear. The only difference is that the two renewals are thought to be premium, but the gold bullion has to bet, hoping to get a high ceiling under high risk. Two weeks ago, the Gold Nugget first renewed Aaron Gordon’s contract for 4 years and 92 million. Two weeks later, the Gold Nugget was to let Michael Porter Jr., who is a 2018 ladder, join the ranks of the same ladder Luka Doncic, Trae Young, and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. The maximum amount of the maximum salary is renewed.

Judging from the background of the gold nuggets, after reaching the peak of the Western Conference Championships in 2020, they lost their main guard Jamal Murray at a critical moment in 2021. Therefore, for the next 2021-22, they are not sure to what extent Murray can recover. Unless everything returns in the most optimistic way, this will delay the timeline of the gold nugget. Gordon’s renewal two weeks ago first protected the basic floor of the gold nugget. Obviously, he will use the highest sincerity to discuss the renewal with Nikola Jokic. After that, the gold nugget has a basic set for the next four years, and two weeks later, the gold nugget decides to firmly hold the ceiling or the hope of finding the ceiling in his own hands, and the renewal of MPJ will be a matter of course.

What’s interesting is that during the interview, apart from expressing gratitude for the renewal dust, MPJ has always had a special view. Instead, he said: “In my opinion, I am not worthy. In other fields, many are as talented as me. People who live their lives will not earn so much money. (In my opinion, I don’t deserve it. Say you’re a professional ping-pong player. You’re not making that many millions of dollars )”

Regardless of whether it is worth it or not, judging from the current situation of MPJ, he certainly does not allow the team to offer the highest treatment like Doncic and Young, so why did MPJ receive this high-paid, rookie renewal? What’s the matter?

Rookie renewal, and MPJ worthy of investment

In fact, the NBA’s rookie contract was not the case at the beginning. Before the 1990s, although rookies may also start with low salaries, they generally did not have a standard contract form. A well-known case is that even before joining the NBA, they became famous even before joining the NBA, but in 1981 The 25-year, 25 million contract renewal signed by legendary star Earvin “Magic” Johnson in 1999 (Note *), and the Bucks champion forward Glenn Robinson signed with the team as soon as he was selected in 1994. Cases such as the 10-year 68 million contract.

(Note*: The average annual salary of 1 million seems ordinary today, but it was still an era when there was no concept of a salary cap. When the salary cap first appeared in the 1984-85 season, the number was 3.6M, which means Magic Johnson alone. Accounted for nearly 1/3 of the team’s salary)

Until 1998, the NBA entered the well-known “closure” due to the breakdown of the labor-management agreement due to the breach of various previous contracts (later the second closure of the labor-management agreement occurred again in 2012). In terms of the restarted labor agreement, the NBA It stipulates the type of standard rookie contract. Since then, the first round rookie contract will vary according to the order, but the contract amount is scaled proportionally. The comparison standard is the same as the various Xuxin standards that we are familiar with later. (Basketball Related Income, BRI)” to determine the salary cap (Salary Cap), for example, after the 2019 draft, the first draft contract calculated at that time was 44.2 million in 4 years, and at the end of the quarter, the NBA announced the salary The cap is 109.14M, a slight increase from the pre-season estimate of 109M, and the number one lottery contract has also increased by a small fraction.

In the summer before the expiration of the rookie contract, from the opening of the free market to the opening game of the season, the parent team can discuss the extension of the contract with the first-round rookie. From the current point of view, the extension of the contract can be as long as five. The starting salary is 25% of that year’s salary cap, and the increase is 5% to 8%. Since Derrick Rose was elected the annual MVP in the third year of his career, a “Rose Clause” has been added. If the player is qualified Renewal of less than six years (usually applicable to the renewal before the end of the rookie contract, that is, after three years of seniority), has been selected for the first All-Star game twice, or has been selected for the top three teams of the year, or has become the year For MVP, you can jump up one level at the time of contract renewal, and raise the starting salary to 30% of the salary cap. Later, the rules have been adjusted slightly, as follows (the time points described are the effective year of the renewal, which is the career first Four years):

1. Won the annual MVP in three years

2. “The current season” or “twice in the past three years” was selected as the top three teams of the year

3. “The season” or “twice in the past three years” was selected as the best defensive player of the year

If any one of the above three rules is met, the renewal can be upgraded, so we can review the situation of the other three who are on the same ladder with MPJ and also renewed with the maximum salary. Doncic has already been in the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons. Twice selected for the top three teams of the year, in line with the second above, so the starting salary for renewal is determined to be 30%, and the contract is 207 million in 5 years. Neither Young nor SGA have reached the above three, so the total contract amount is 100 million in 5 years. 72 million, MPJ’s situation is the same as Young and SGA, so if the three of them can win the best defensive player of the year, or be selected for the top three teams of the year, or win the annual MVP, they can also upgrade the total contract renewal. To the same 207 million as Doncic.

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