Xiaomi breaks the house with a cheap Mesh Wi-Fi

Xiaomi announced this September 15 a new Mesh Wi-Fi system at a very aggressive price. The devices are also capable of broadcasting a Wi-Fi 6 network.

Xiaomi offers a Mesh Wi-Fi system.

Xiaomi offers a Mesh Wi-Fi system. // Source: Xiaomi

September 15, Xiaomi announced a new batch of products, like the Xiaomi 11T et 11 T Pro, the Xiaomi Pad 5 et Pad 5 Pro, a new Mi Smart Band or a Mi Smart Projector. But one last product caught our attention: the Xiaomi Mesh System AX 3000 (2-pack).

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Behind this name that some will consider barbaric, we find quite simply a duo of rectangular devices allowing to extend the Wi-Fi coverage in his home by creating a new unified Wi-Fi network, but which also opens up its users. to the joys of Wi-Fi 6. The latter is particularly gifted at managing connected objects thanks to technologies that allow him to move better from one device to another.

A Xiaomi-style price

If the Mesh Wi-Fi devices are very practical, they are also often relatively expensive. And if you know Xiaomi, you will not be surprised to learn that for this device, the Chinese giant has again applied an extremely aggressive price.

For devices with relatively similar capacities (especially in terms of speed) that can be found with well-established competitors such as Orbi or TP-Link, you generally have to pay a little more than 250 euros for a pack of 2. There, Xiaomi has done very well, offering a two-pack at a suggested price of 149 euros in Europe. The version with a single device is expected to sell for 79 euros.

Source : Xiaomi

Source : Xiaomi

Note that if this product does indeed arrive in France, it may be slightly increased, but that does not change the dynamic.

What features?

Beyond the price, Xiaomi’s Wi-Fi Mesh system promises a coverage of 371.6 m² and a speed of up to 2976 Mb / s. Of this theoretical maximum speed, 574 Mb / s can be devoted to the 5 GHz band.

In all, nearly 254 devices can simultaneously connect to these two monoliths depending on the brand. Each of them equipped with four Gigabit ports. The installation and management of the Mesh system should go through an app, the Mi Home app, which is the standard used in this sector.

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