Xinjiang beauty is like a cloud!Elementary school girl “angel face quality” exposure network marveled: do not lose Di Lieba-Minshi News Network

Entertainment Center/Reported by Chen Guanyu

Xinjiang, China has always been famous for producing beautiful women. Many beauties in the entertainment industry come from this place. Among them, the 29-year-old actress Di Lieba is a representative figure. The profound facial features and perfect body proportion have become the hearts of many fans. The goddess, “You Are My Glory” starring Yang Yang recently hit more than 100 million hits, and his career is in full swing! Recently, two photos of Xinjiang elementary school girls circulated on Weibo. After their amazing facial features were exposed, netizens exclaimed again and again, “It’s so beautiful!”

From the photos circulated on Weibo, you can see a Xinjiang elementary school girl standing in front of the counter with a purse in her hand. She seems to be waiting for checkout. However, what surprised netizens is the amazing beauty of the little girl. With big black and white eyes, a tall nose and deep facial features, people can see the natural beauty of Xinjiang beauties.

A beautiful elementary school student in Xinjiang has an amazing face. After the photo was exposed, netizens drew hot discussion, praising “Xinjiang girls are so beautiful.” (Picture/Flip from Weibo)

After the exposure of this group of photos, it caused many Chinese netizens to discuss that they praised the little girl for being so beautiful. “Don’t lose Di Lieba,” and some netizens even joked that “I want to marry a Xinjiang girl.”

Xinjiang, which has always been rich in beauties, has successively produced four major beauties in recent years, including Guli Nazha (Naza), Di Lieba, Tong Liya and Medina. They have been dubbed “Xinjiang 4 Beauties”, each with profound features, Perfect body, with many diehard fans, has become a new force that cannot be underestimated in the Chinese entertainment circle.

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