“Yankees used video to steal signals, but it’s not a trap like Astros” – MLB

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A report of NY Post seems to confirm what was already suspected: more teams of the MLB in addition to Stars incurred theft of signals with technological help … those indicated now? The Yankees between 2015 and 2017

But his case seems to have some differences with that of Stars, or at least that has said in the middle the MLB.

According to Joe Sherman, a NY Post journalist, thanks to a conversation with Max Texeira (baseball player Yankees between 2009 and 2016), the NY Post was able to confirm exactly “the mechanism of signal theft” that they had the Mules assembled in 2016.

According Texeira, the Yankees (like many teams in the MLB) used video cameras and recordings to decipher the signals of rival pitchers and catchers.

What is the main difference with Stars? They were not transmitted in real time to their players.

In fact according Texeira The system was very inefficient and caused more errors than successes:

The video team deciphered the codes, then these were transmitted to the players. When a player was in second place, he had to confirm the signals (or not) for his teammates to use.

Normally, according to the same player Yankee, the system was so long and cumbersome that it was useless and the players preferred not to use it.

But were they violating the regulations of the Big leagues and cheating like the planets?

According to the same report from the NY Post, the MLB He replied “NO.” And the difference would be in the following points:

  • When the rules happened they weren’t so clear, just the MLB he modified them in 2017 when he learned that many teams were trying to steal signals with technological help
  • The Yankees (and other teams) did not use a real-time communication system (the planets yes: the famous trash can)
  • The planets they communicated the signals to the batters even without players in second, the Yankees do not
  • The Astros used multiple technological means to communicate in real time between the video room and the dougout
  • And finally, the planets they used an algorithm to improve their signal decryption, the Yankees do not

All these reasons led to the MLB to sanction Houston and the world of baseball to despise the franchise and its players.

But it is important: technology continues to advance and the line between what is legal and sometimes cannot be very tenuous.

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