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Yi Jianlian, Guo Ailun and Wang Zhelin withdrew from this Chinese men’s basketball training due to injury

2021-06-10 10:58:18

Source: Xinhua News Agency

Lin Deren

Regarding the regretful departure from the team, Yi Jianlian said: “From the injury in August last year to the present, he has undergone three operations on both legs and has been recovering until now. In fact, the progress has been very satisfactory, but after all, there has been no training for a long time, just two weeks. Participating in team training, I feel that the requirements for the competition have not yet been met. This year is more difficult due to the epidemic. There is no warm-up competition for this competition, and there is no pre-preparation, so I will go out to compete, so the competitive state of the competition It’s not reached yet. (Withdrawing from the team) Regret is very regrettable, but no matter whether it is going to the game or not playing with the team, I feel that I am still a member of the Chinese men’s basketball team. I hope that the team can have a good performance in this game. .”

Guo Ailun said: “I feel very sorry, and I am in a low mood. This time because of the inflammation of the plantar fascia, I couldn’t exert strength in training and confrontation. I couldn’t run and jump at all levels. I couldn’t participate in this competition. I played so much. For the second national team, I sincerely thank the coaching staff and the Basketball Association for giving me so many opportunities. Although I cannot participate in this game, my heart is still with my teammates and coaches. I will always support them to play well.”

Wang Zhelin suffered an impact on his waist during training, which caused the old injury to relapse and was unable to continue training and competition. “It is a pity that I am very sad. I will recover well here and cheer for everyone.” Wang Zhelin said.

In recent years, Yi Jianlian, Guo Ailun, and Wang Zhelin are all stable members of the core lineup of the Chinese men’s basketball team. After they leave the team, the young players will gradually shoulder the burden. The Chinese Basketball Association stated in an official announcement: “Although they have no choice but to bid farewell to the national team, the spirit of the Chinese men’s basketball team they displayed will be a valuable asset for young players and will inspire them to move forward. Here, the Chinese Basketball Association. Thanks to Yi Jianlian, Guo Ailun and Wang Zhelin for their outstanding contributions to the national team, and wish them a speedy recovery.”

The main goal of the Chinese men’s basketball training camp is to prepare for the Asian Cup qualifiers and the Tokyo Olympic Games defeat. The qualifiers for the Asian Cup of Men’s Basketball will be held in the Philippines from June 16 to 20. The Chinese men’s basketball team will then go to Canada to participate in the Tokyo Olympic Qualifying Tournament from June 29 to July 4.

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