“Yin” is the music app for meeting you, bringing music dreams into reality

“Yin” is the music app for meeting you, bringing music dreams into reality ……

Music is a cultural phenomenon in the development of human society and history, and a shining pearl in the treasure house of art. As we all know, music has no national boundaries, as Sai Rogers said: “Music is the universal language of mankind.” It is a “Esperanto” that can be understood by humans, does not require translation, and can directly communicate thoughts and feelings and resonate. It is undeniable that music exists in every corner of life. It is not only a world of sound and hearing, but also a world that we know and accompany us every day. At 19:00 on December 3rd, the press conference for the launch of Gugua Music APP will be held. Some industry insiders predict that Gugua Music is expected to promote the sound development of the music ecology. Another part of the musicians look forward to joining the exclusive music incubator system of Gugua Music through the massive competitions and charts of Gugua Music to achieve their music dreams.

Create a one-stop platform for all scenes of the music industry to boost the sound development of the music ecology

It is understood that Gugua Music is a strategic entertaining project of Gome-Home Life of Gome Group. It is positioned as an entertaining social platform for music events. It can be described as a new gathering place for music enthusiasts. People can unlock all music scenes with one click through “listening, playing, learning, shopping, show, and competition”, swim in the ocean of music, and enjoy music carnival. Through a large number of competitions and original music charts, the Gugua Music APP successfully opened up introduction, incubation, support, and change of scenes, creating a one-stop platform for all scenes of the music industry and boosting the sound development of the music ecology. Let every musical dream not be let down, and let every musician who has a dream find a home.

In 2017, Gome clearly put forward the “home life” strategy. In June last year, Gome initiated the extension and upgrade of the second phase of the “home life” strategy. Over the past four years, especially in the second half of last year, Gome has undergone comprehensive and profound changes, building a full retail The overall situation of the ecological sharing platform. It is the vision of the Gome Group to continue to use technology and wisdom to create “real”, “fast” and “happiness” with the retail industry + home service industry as the core. Gome aims at the social circuit and Gome seizes the opportunity to invest in quack music. The advent of Gugua Music App will be an important step in the implementation of this vision and a key part of the entire retail ecological sharing platform.

Integrating massive resources is expected to become a phenomenon-level social product

What is amazing is that Gugua Music has accumulated top-notch technology patents and has a very effective start-up team. Their rich operating experience guarantees Gugua Music’s single-point breakthrough ability. At present, it has gathered some musicians and music. Lovers settled in. In the current era of “interconnection”, the flow operation strategy should be based on entertainment marketing. Entertainment content sharing has become the most important traffic portal, and quack music is well prepared, and it is expected to form a traffic pool based on music content and social links. , Become a phenomenon-level product.

On the one hand, quack music provides music creation tools, on the other hand, it is connected through social networking, competitions, and list functions on the tools, bringing users a social experience that spans generations and regions. The community is gathered by interest. The top-level design of the product is entertainment and popular culture. It has the attributes of trendy community and leads the spiritual and material consumption of users.

The original Divine Comedy adds a new member “Quagua Music Top” Magical Brainwashing

The music dream of a quack no longer needs to wait. On December 3, the quack music app will be officially launched, and the theme song “Quaqua Music Top Guaqua” will be launched on the same day, let “Qua” realize the music dream and add a magical help to the original divine song . The magical melody and the dazzling picture will undoubtedly become the new brainwashing divine comedy. As long as you dare to sing, as long as you dare to dance, the theme song adaptation contest of “Quagua Music Top Guagua” will set off a new climax of national entertainment. No matter you have excellent singing skills or lack of five tones, you can sing loudly; no matter how enchanting your posture, as long as If you can pass the level of “Qaqua”, the challenge of dancing is not under “dancing”. The ghost and animal challenge, show off your unique dance style, and bloom with different charm.

According to industry observers, the emergence of Gugua Music App will open the door to music for more people with music dreams, and further promote the sound development of music ecology. Set sail for dreams and help music interaction, let us start looking forward to it!

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