Yo Me Llamo with double Franco De Vita filled the stage with romance – Auditions

With the intention of raising his daughter and giving her the career that she wants to study, this participant auditioned in My name is as the double of Franco De Vita to surprise the judges with his talent and despite the fact that he presented his audition with a sore throat, he showed that he has all the potential to evolve and now he has an opportunity to fight his place in school.

On the nights of Caracol Televisión, Colombia enjoys the new season of Yo Me Llamo, a format that revives musical idols through imitators from all over the country who come with all their talent to prove that they are the perfect double.

This season came loaded with great surprises, including that, for the first time in the history of the program, brings a prize plan of 1,200 million pesos.

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