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Cargo Solidarity Strike Suspension Decided… “61.8% of voters agree”


The cargo union decided to end the strike through a general vote of union members today (9th).

As the level of pressure from the government continues to rise, as a result of the vote, 61.8% voted in favor of ending the strike after 16 days.

We connect reporters who are out of the field.

Reporter Kim Ji-soo.


Yes, it is listed at the Seoul Gyeonggi Regional Headquarters of the Cargo Solidarity.

Voting was held here from 9:00 am today by union members in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do.

Voting was held for each regional headquarters of the National Cargo Alliance, and the final voting result was announced at around 1:10 pm a while ago.

The end of the general strike was decided with 61.8% of the voters in favor.

According to this, the cargo union will return to work after 16 days of strike.

Previously, the government continued to increase the level of pressure to return to field work unconditionally, such as defining the general strike of the cargo unions, which began on the 24th of last month, as an act of refusing collective transportation and issuing an order to start work.

The cargo union seems to have been caught in the middle of the strike by stopping the strike after about 15 days as the opposition party accepted the government and the ruling party’s plan to extend the safe freight rate system for three years.

The cargo union said last night that it had made a sweeping decision to prevent the sunset of the safe freight system, that is, its disappearance, while deciding on a general vote.

At the same time, the government and the ruling party urged the prompt legislation of the three-year extension of the safe fare system.

In the meantime, the cargo union has been demanding the permanent continuation of the safe fare system and the expansion of applicable items, but it has taken a step back.

The amendment to the law to extend the deadline for sunsetting the safe fare system for three years was handled by the opposition party alone at the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Committee of the National Assembly today (9th).

However, as members of the ruling party and the government are absent, they may experience difficulties in the process of handling the judiciary and son-in-law committee.

Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Won Hee-ryong said on social media that “there was a proposal to extend the safe fare system for three years, but it was invalid because there was a strike in the end.”

First of all, according to the results of today’s vote, the cargo union stopped the strike, and the logistics disruption is expected to be resolved around this weekend.

Until now, this is Yonhap News TV Kim Ji-soo at the Seoul Gyeonggi Regional Headquarters of the Cargo Solidarity. ([email protected])

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