You can now report inappropriate messages

WhatsApp now has a new function that allows you to report posts and users who share inappropriate or offensive content.

The world’s most widely used messaging app has come up with a plan to put a stop to the sexual harassment, cyberbullying, fake news and offensive content that is shared through this messaging network. From now on it will allow its users to report messages in a concrete way and to users who disseminate this type of material through the platform.

It will no longer be necessary to report the entire conversation, it will be enough to point out a specific message.

Although this option already existed, it was necessary to report the entire chat and to report a user, the entire conversation had to be sent. Now it will only be necessary to show as evidence the last five most recent messages that will serve as context to be able to file a complaint with the app.

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So now you will not have to show all your conversations, since it will be enough for WhatsApp to have access to the message that you consider inappropriate.

The new function to report messages from WhatsApp is now available for iOS and Android users. To access it, it is only necessary to update the application in some cases, in others it will appear automatically. It is currently only available to beta testers and will be available to regular users soon.

In case someone reports your message or your account, WhatsApp will make a review and may even cancel or suspend it permanently.

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