You can now stop a pandemic with the new free DLC for Plague Inc.

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At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Plague Inc. increased its popularity exponentially by allowing us to see how the spread of a virus evolved. This has caused some controversy, which is why its creators have promised free DLC that lets you stop a pandemic. You want it? You should know that it is already available.

For The Cure, Ndemic Creations delivered an experience that expands the mechanics that Plague Inc. offers to give the game a new face. For example, here you will have to control social programs; Investigate; implement inexpensive programs and develop a vaccine.

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All of the above should be done correctly and on time. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to fully control the pandemic. Of course, you should know that doing it is more complicated than it looks, because you have to find a balance between your decisions.

“Created with the help of health experts from around the world, including the WHO, CEPI and GOARN, Plague Inc: The Cure is a simulation of the global response to disease,” explained Ndemic Creations.

It is worth noting that The Cure arrived months ago in the mobile version from Plague Inc., but now it can be enjoyed on PC.

Comment obtenir Plague Inc. The Cure?

Now the question is, how can you get Plague Inc. The Cure? It’s a very simple thing to answer.

The point is, Plague Inc. The Cure is available for free to all independent game owners. This means that all you have to do is go to that Steam page and claim it.

Please note that unless you have a copy of Plague Inc., you will not be able to enjoy The Cure. The good news is that it’s currently offered at 60% off on Steam.

And for you, what do you think of the existence of this content? Are you excited to try Plague Inc. The Cure? Tell us in the comments.

Plague Inc. is now available for PC and mobile devices. You can read more about this title by clicking here.


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