“You have to be crazy to prefer Lukaku to Benzema or any top level striker”

Antonio Cassano does not particularly appreciate the style of play of Romelu Lukaku, yet very effective with 14 goals in 16 games this season. In a debate on the ‘Twich’ platform which also included former Inter players Christian Vieri, Lele Adani and Nicola Ventola, Cassano insisted he does not consider Lukaku one of the best strikers. in the world.

“Only a madman like you would prefer Lukaku to Benzema,” Cassano replied to Ventola, who believed that at equal age he would opt for Lukaku rather than the Real Madrid striker. “If you have to choose between Lukaku and another high level striker, you always take the other. If you have to choose between Lukaku and a ‘Scamorza’ (cheese or in this case, a weak player), you take Lukaku. There are a bunch of players who are better offensive than him. ”

Ten days ago, Cassano attacked Lukaku on his technical qualities. “He has two codfish for the feet. He can never be a champion at fine touch. It is an animal physically. In Italy he is very strong but in England he had a lot more trouble. “


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