“You haven’t done anything hot in the street”: when Young Thug openly criticizes French rappers (video) – Swigg

As the saying goes, Young Thug should have turned her tongue seven times in her mouth before speaking. Iguest from Podcast Million Dollaz Worth of Game, the American rapper indeed spoke about his musical tastes and his new influences. By paying tribute to the Haitians of Florida who, according to him, influence hip-hamerican op, Young Thug took the opportunity to belittle French and British artists. “It’s not like those guys from London or Paris. The guys probably lived in mansions or hotels and green gardens … You didn’t do anything hot in the streets …”, he launched.

Words widely criticized which did not fail to react to many people, including Rohff. “Green garden? Unconscious, come to our cities with your Young Thug mini-skirt and chains. 94, 93, 78, 91, 92, 19, 20, 18, 95… you are spoiled for choice dirty crazy“, then launched the rapper Franco-Comorian.

Apologies deemed little convincing

Faced with the controversy, Young Thug wanted to reconsider his words by explaining that he was actually talking about rappers “middle class, whites …”, stating that he himself was aware of “real gangsters in Europe “. Explanations that have not convinced Internet users who reproach him for his condescension towards the French suburbs.


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