You’ll have a powerful ally in Diablo III Season 22

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It is a good time for you to prepare if you are part of the community of Diablo iiiWell, his Season 22 is just around the corner. This is Shadow of the Nephalem, arriving this month with significant rewards.

As the name implies, the season will have a theme related to the Nephalem and the shadows of the past. For this reason, players will be able to fight accompanied by a peculiar ally.

Additionally, Blizzard will enable some options for the Kanai Cube and various cosmetic rewards that will be well received by players.

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When and what will Season 22 of Diablo iii

Shadow of the Nefalem will officially begin on November 20. During the season, players will be able to activate a pylon to summon a shadow clone, who will accompany them throughout their adventure.

The clone will be active for 1 minute or until it is defeated. It will be created with 1 of 3 settings to be chosen at random. This ally will increase his power along with the main character.

As for the Kanai Cube, Blizzard will add a fourth box, so one more power can be used, but it will not stack with the rest of the object’s abilities. On this occasion, special rewards from Season 10 will return for a limited time.

The Black Essential Stone portraits and the Chronicler’s academic necklace can be obtained. As if that weren’t enough, the Book of Cain pet and the Lost Civilization portrait frame will be added.

Another new feature is the Gelmindor Wormguard item, which causes Bone Spears to deal 300-400% more damage. Of course, Edrig’s Gift will offer new seasonal outfits. Below is the list of rewards:

  • Barbarian: Horde of the Wild Nineties
  • Divine Warrior: Aegis of Valor
  • Demon Hunter: Dread Lands Team
  • Monk: Patterns of Justice
  • Santero: Robes of Mundunugu
  • Arcanist: Veil of the tifaón
  • Necromancer: Fiery Carnival Masquerade

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