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Colo Colo continues in the fight to maintain the category in the Chilean National Championship and achieved a great result at home against Everton of Viña. On date 29, they left with the clear intention of getting the three points, having the Peruvian Gabriel Costa as one of the referents in the attack.

Only after 4 minutes of play, Pablo Mouche. The forward was precise within the area to define before the assistance of Leo Valencia, who had initially received Gabriel Costa. In the rest of the first half they took center stage to stretch the lead, although things did not go very well.

In the second half, Everton was much more aggressive from the restart, they reached the rival area repeatedly, but they needed more precision. The circumstances were finally well used by Colo Colo, who closed well, attacked when he could and was left with the victory.

At this time, Deportes Iquique loses the category by being colero in the averages and its place of penultimate in the season table would be occupied by Colo Colo, who should play a playoffs with Universidad de Concepción to stay in first. Coquimbo would descend to be last of the regular table.

FINAL: Colo Colo 1-0 Everton


90+5′ Offside in Everton’s attack.

90+4′ Cuevas (Everton) shoots directly, but the barrier clears the corner.

90+3′ Foul against Rivera (Everton). Free kick close to the area.

90+2′ Colo Colo struggles in defense by holding his advantage.

90 + 1 ‘The referee adds 5 minutes to the match.

90 & # 39; UFFF! Echeverría (Everton) connected, but the tie almost did not come.

89′ Cuevas (Everton) goes for the individual, but can not with the rival defense.

88′ Blandi (Colo Colo) was qualified, but made a mistake in the decision.

87′ Long delivery for Menéndez (Everton), but he could not control.

86′ Colo Colo closes spaces in defense.

85 ‘YELLOW CARD: Insaurralde (Colo Colo) is booked.

84′ Time moves on and it could generate nervousness.

83′ Possession of the ball is Everton’s right now.

82′ Everton keeps pushing to match the actions.

81′ Great reaction from goalkeeper Cortés (Colo Colo) to avoid the draw after a cross from the right.

80′ Colo Colo fights and endures the attempts of his rival.

79′ Everton has taken a second wind and attacks constantly.

77 ‘CHANGES IN COLO COLO: Vejar and Blandi enter through Costa and Valdivia.

76 ‘CHANGES IN EVERTON: Saavedra and Leiva enter through Moya and Diaz.

75′ Valdivia (Colo Colo) is felt in the middle of the field. The party stops.

74′ Colo Colo is comfortable in these minutes of play.

73′ Everton begins to feel the physical wear and tear of the pressure they exerted at the beginning of the second half.

72′ Gabriel Costa (Colo Colo) found the ball to reach the goal, but goalkeeper Herrera denied him the possibility.

70′ Valdivia (Colo Colo) gives peace of mind to his team.

69′ Echeverría (Everton) gains a few meters, although it does not generate danger.

68′ Free kick for Colo Colo, who has equaled the actions.

67′ The center to the Everton area does not generate danger.

66′ Auction by Paredes (Colo Colo) after combining with Valdivia. It will be a corner.

65 ‘CHANGES IN COLO COLO: Mouche and Morales leave to enter Paredes and Valdivia.

64 & # 39; Diaz (Everton) goes ahead, but could not filter a good pass.

63′ Moya (Everton) controlled the ball, but touched it with his hand.

62 ‘CHANGES IN EVERTON: Lobos and Echeverría through San Juan and Madrid.

61′ Gabriel Costa (Colo Colo) was ahead when he received.

60′ Everton combines passes, looking for depth.

59′ Gabriel Costa (Colo Colo) recovers the ball, but slips and follows the rival pressure.

58′ Colo Colo can’t find ways to get the ball back.

57′ Corner kick for Everton. Cuevas Center, but not dangerous.

56′ Everton continues to corner its rival.

54 ‘CHANGE IN COLO COLO: Alarcón by Valencia.

53′ Concern in Colo Colo, who seems to have to make a change.

52′ Valencia (Colo Colo) is injured. The party stops.

51′ Colo Colo finally lets go a bit and gains a side to leave.

50′ Center to the area of ​​Colo Colo, but Barroso clears.

49′ Free kick for Everton. They do not stop attacking.

48′ Cuevas (Everton) received in good position, but failed to finish. They remain in the rival field, but Cortés ends the danger.

47′ Everton came out very aggressively in the second half.

46′ The second half is underway.

BREAK: Colo Colo 1-0 Everton

45+3′ Colo Colo controls the ball.

45+2′ Everton does not lower his arms and seeks the draw before the break.

45+1′ Colo Colo persists in rival field.

45′ Gabriel Costa makes interesting moves in attack.

44′ Diaz (Everton) connects with a header, but wide.

43′ Morales (Colo Colo) yields to Costa, but does not finish. Valencia does, but it was blocked.

42′ The intensity of Everton is getting stronger.

40′ Great move between Diaz, Cuevas and Menéndez (Everton), but finally the forward position is sanctioned.

39′ Colo Colo can not take the ball.

38′ Menéndez (Everton) fought and created danger, although the court ran out.

37′ Everton de Viña begins to handle the ball, but without depth.

36′ Morales (Colo Colo) received with spaces, but in the end they closed it without problems.

35′ The free throw does not create danger. Everton will start from the gate.

34 ‘YELLOW CARD: San Juan (Everton) is booked.

32′ Mouche (Colo Colo) generates constant danger every time he has the ball.

31′ The center does not create danger.

30′ Carmona (Colo Colo) is projected and generates a corner.

29′ Everton does not find threads to trigger dangerous attacks.

28′ Rodriguez (Everton) fought the ball, but couldn’t win it.

27′ Colo Colo is the dominator of the shares.

26′ Finally a foul by Morales (Colo Colo) is previously sanctioned.

25′ Tense moments in the game.

24′ Rivera touched the ball with his hand (Everton) and the play was reviewed.

23′ Diaz (Everton) yields for Menendez, but fired wide.

22′ Dangerous center to the area of ​​Colo Colo, but the goalkeeper managed to contain.

20′ Cuevas (Everton) falls when he got into the area, but it was not considered a foul.

19′ Center that Insaurralde (Colo Colo) does not reach. Fuentes if he manages to finish, but without danger.

18′ Again free kick for Colo Colo, now by a hand of the rival.

17′ Free kick for Colo Colo. They keep it comfortably.

16′ Colo Colo maintains aggressiveness on offense.

15′ The set piece opportunity is well defended by Everton.

14′ Valencia (Colo Colo) shoots from outside the area, but is blocked.

13′ Menendez (Everton) faces and enables Cuevas, but the final center was cleared.

12′ Colo Colo returns to his bow when he has no gaps.

11′ Valencia qualifies Mouche (Colo Colo). He failed to finish, but maintains possession.

10′ Diaz (Everton) raises his head looking for spaces, but backs up.

09′ Corner for Everton, but Mouche clears. Valencia controls, but receives a foul when he left.

08′ Good game by Gabriel Costa so far, in attack and defense.

07′ The game splits in the middle of the field when Everton takes the lead.

06′ Mouche (Colo Colo) accelerates his pace, but did not find the ball.

05′ Joy explodes in Colo Colo, who takes advantage early.

04 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF COLO COLO! Mouche opens the scoreboard.

02′ Colo Colo is aggressive in the first moments of the match.

01′ The party is on.

– The match will start at 4:30 p.m. in Peru and 6:30 p.m. in Chile.

– Attention! Confirmed formation of Colo Colo: Cortés, Campos, Barroso, Insaurralde, Suazo, Carmona, Fuentes, Valencia, Gabriel Costa, Morales and Mouche.

– Substitutes: Pinto, Rojas, Véjar, Alarcón, Valdivia, Blandi and Parredes.

– Attention! Confirmed formation of Everton: Herrera, Rivera, San Juan, Moya, Madrid, Díaz, Cuevas, Suárez, Menéndez, Pereira and Rodríguez.

– Substitutes: Santelices, Maldonado, Leiva, Lobos, Echevarría, Velásquez and Saavedra.

Colo Colo vs. Everton: confirmed lineups

Colo Colo: Cuts; Campos, Barroso, Insaurralde, Suazo, Carmona, Fuentes, Valencia, Gabriel Costa, Morales and Mouche.

Everton: Johnny Herrera; Bejamín Rivera, Batián San Juan, Gary Moya, Álvaro Madrid, Jorge Díaz, Juan Cuevas, Cristián Suárez; Cristián Menéndez, Sebastián Pereira and Camilo Rodríguez.

– Welcome to the coverage of the Colo-Colo vs. Everton!

Colo Colo against Everton: the previous

Colo Colo vs. Everton LIVE, ONLINE, DIRECT and FREE will face each other this Sunday, January 10 for the 29th day of the Chilean championship. The game is scheduled to take place in the Monumental State of Santiago at 4:30 p.m. and will have the transmission of CDF Premium and CDF HD. Follow all incidents minute by minute on the newspaper portal.

Both teams come to this stage with a need to win. The ‘Cacique’ will seek to add three to try to get out of the last place in the standings, a location that sends him directly to the Second Division.

For its part, Everton, who is in the ninth box, has the potential to aspire to international tournaments: he is about to take the Copa Sudamericana and four to try Phase 1 of the Copa Libertadores.

What plays against the team led by Gustavo Quinteros is that they have one more match than Coquimbo Unido, that is, if they fail to win in this match, they would give them up to ‘two lives’ for the ‘Pirate’ to sentence them.

The panorama is served so that Colo Colo can take advantage of the bad moment that Deportes Iquique is going through and spend it in the standings. This fact would mark a relief and would allow them to advance without problems facing the final stretch of the championship.

“I see it from the outside. Colo Colo is a large institution, which makes Chilean football good that it is always in the First Division. Then if they get the permanence or not will depend on them “, declared a few days ago the striker of the Catholic University, Fernando Zampedri. It depends on what Colo Colo wants to do.

Colo Colo vs Everton: probable alignments

Colo Colo: B. Cortés; J. Rojas, J. Barroso, C. Fuentes, F. Campos; C. Carmona, G. Suazo, G. Costa, J. Valdivia, P. Mouche; J. Parraguez.

DT: G. Quinteros.

Everton: J. Herrera; C. Rodríguez, S. Pereira, C. Suárez, D. Zuñiga; A. Madrid, B. Rivera, J. Cuevas, G. Moya, J. Díaz; C. Menéndez.

DT: R. Sensini.

Colo Colo vs Everton: schedules in the world

  • Peru – 16:30 pm Lima time
  • Mexico – 17:30 pm Mexico City time
  • Ecuador – 16:30 pm Quito time
  • United States – 16:30 pm Washington DC time
  • Colombia – 16:30 pm Bogotá time
  • Argentina – 18:30 pm Buenos Aires time
  • Spain – 10:30 pm Madrid time
  • Uruguay – 18:30 pm Montevideo time
  • Chile – 18:30 pm Santiago time
  • Brazil – 17:30 pm Brasilia time

Colo Colo vs Everton: channels to watch the Chilean championship

  • Peru – CDF
  • Colombia – CDF
  • Mexico – CDF
  • Uruguay – CDF
  • Argentina – CDF
  • United States – CDF
  • Spain – CDF
  • France – CDF
  • Chile – CDF
  • Ecuador – CDF
  • Costa Rica – CDF
  • Bolivia – CDF

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